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In what appears like taking the hand of the clock backwards; Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB has by proxy announced potential formation of Biafra Shadow Government. The recent flash further showed the porosity of Biafra struggle under the clueless leadership of Kanu-IPOB.

Apparently lacking records and history of what they are into; IPOB leadership keeps blindly walking anywhere they interpreted as walk-able. Thriving on trial and error; they first send out their enslaved media dogs to sound the gong while they observe the reaction of the people before finally deciding if to dance or deny the gong.

Recently; another UN visit scandal caught up with them and the head of the dog that beat the drum was not spared- used as scapegoat. Another drum beaten was the issue of formation of Shadow Government and while the leadership denied UN visit scandal, they have not denied potential formation of Shadow Government scandal.

IPOB is only the third group to champion Biafra agitation after 1967; Uwazurike MASSOB took over in 1999 and succeeded in hoisting Biafra flag and set the ball rolling. Chief Uwazurike was arrested which left a vacuum that was filled by General Innocent Orji’s Biafra National Guard that succeeded in launching Biafra shadow Government in conjunction with Government in Exile. The launch of Biafra Shadow Government in conjunction with Government in Exile followed three months non-stop firing at Edda-Ohafia which took the intervention of His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu- who pleaded BNG to cease fire with Nigerian government.

Documentation of inauguration of Biafra Shadow Government in conjunction with Government in Exile can be gotten from 2006 Nigerian Award-Winning Newspaper of the year, Daily Independent, VOL, 3, NO, 1713 of Monday, April 6, 2009, the newspaper investigated and reported the inauguration. Daily Champion, VOL, 22, NO, 056 of Thursday, March, 19 2009 reported and investigated the inauguration of Biafra Shadow Government in conjunction with Government In Exile launched and defended by Biafra National Guard. The Difference, a pan-African newspaper, Vol, 2, No 13 of May, 24 2009n also investigated and reported the inauguration etc.

It is pertinent to bring to the know of IPOB leadership that Shadow Government in conjunction with Government in Exile launched and inaugurated by General Innocent Orji led Biafra National Guard was in accordance with the Biafran Charter handed over by His Excellency Dim Chukwuemeka Odimegwu Ojukwu who elevated Innocent Orji to the rank of General after his convincing exploits in the field. Ojukwu got satisfied and released the sum of 30million Naira through Senator Ofia Nwali to Orji for the execution of the three months battle that preceded inauguration of shadow government, although, the preceding battle was suppressed by Nigerian media due to absence of social media. Many things followed the inauguration which cannot be written now to avoid prejudicial effect- due to 19 members of Biafra National Guard, Orji’s wife and his younger sister still in detention for the 13th year running because of the exploits of inauguration of Biafra Shadow Government in conjunction with Government in Exile which Nigerian government suffered diplomatic rows and survived full blown crisis due to their impulsive disposition.

IPOB leadership cannot continue to take the struggle backwards and behave like kids that jumped into what they know nothing about. Transitional Government of Biafra has also been launched and in accordance with the Biafran Charter, we are on the last chapter of the Charter, which is Sovereign Government. If IPOB is so desperate for government; they should have the balls and launch or inaugurate sovereign government and defend Biafra than taking us back and constituting a hell of nuisance in this struggle for the liberation of our people.

For ordinarily inaugurating BSS; Nnamdi Kanu ran to far away London where he would never come back to Biafra land unless Atiku whom he signed and sealed a document with reclaims his mandate. This agitation is not a childish and idiotic movement; we are serious here and IPOB must sit up or sit out. We have lost a lot and cannot take our struggle for liberation for a joke; IPOB is just seven years old and must understand people have been around and those people made it possible for them to even see the light or know that Biafra is achievable.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is the founding national leader of Family writers (ex)

Founder, Biafra Reporter TBP (ex)

Pioneer, Biafra TV Journalists (ex)

Investigative/Freelance journalist

Writes from Enugu

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