BATTLE FOR BIAFRALAND CONQUEST.HAUSA/FULANI ABATA AWKA- HAUSA/FULANI DON ENTER AWKA Growing up on the streets of Onitsha; the epigram for final onslaught or worst feared is “Hausa Abata Awka” that was as a result of the fact that Awka was the heart beat of our engineers- that produced most of the weapon of mass destruction we used in 1967. When your enemy advances and gets to the point of reaching the very place of your source of defense; that is when we shout “Hausa Abata Awka” More than half a century after 1967 war; the narrative has changed, more subtle and dangerous “Fulani Abatago Awka”. The temerity of the world’s fourth most dangerous terrorist organization to proudly demand to be involved in the fabric of indigenous peoples’ security can only be traced to defeat. Fulani has finally defeated indigenous people of the South. It is the duty of the slave master to secure his slaves and that is what has become of indigenous people of Old Eastern Nigeria. Last week, I said I won’t react to the prospect of Fulani blatant execution with my column; reason being that we prepared for this when I joined Nnamdi Kanu IPOB in 2015 only for him to squander the money contributed for a period like this and also disbanded BSS that was supposed to be on ground. The young man is somewhere in US; in a secure city, ranting with hundreds of asylum seekers, menstruating every day and being weaker than a woman. What is the plan on ground to contain this development? The fact is; Enugu has already started implementing this demand and others are bound to follow. On Sahara reporters; I read a columnist argue there was nothing wrong bringing Fulani Herdsmen into the security structure of indigenous people, the beacon of his argument was that security is not a personal or isolated issue, if Fulani are terrorizing the people, making them part and parcel of the security structure of indigenous people will solve or stop the terrorists among them. I painstakingly read the column by Fredrick Nwabufo to the last word and I asked myself why Sahara Reporters Editor in chief admitted such a senseless column to their platform. Fredrick Nwabufo is not an idiot but lacking awareness; as a columnist who influences the public, it is always crucial research is made before coming to disgorge rubbish in the name of articulating. The piece by Fredrick catalyzed my change of mind; even if I ended up teaching the young man a piece of history, I will be ok. He tends to be politically correct hence throwing history into the dustbin; he failed to study how Kwara became Fulani caliphate, he forgot that history recorded that everywhere Fulani stepped their feet, they seek a way to soak up themselves into the people and then burst afterwards. Security is the most sensitive term here and you have a stranger who doesn’t know your language and terrain, a people rated fourth most dangerous terrorist organization to become one’s security and busybody like Fredrick picked his pen to support it must be a temporary psychopathic condition. As I read between the lines; I pricked throughout at the politically right expression of the columnist who didn’t consider lessons of the past. But I was even angrier with Biafra agitators who promised heaven and earth. Nnamdi Kanu in 2015 specifically told World Igbo Congress that he needed guns and bullets; whether the guns and bullets came was immaterial as soon as defense fund contribution was raised and Six Hundred Million Naira was gotten, sadly, the money was squandered or unaccounted for. The money that was supposed to address this issue is nowhere to be found. Immediately Fulani declared interest in erecting vigilante groups in our indigenous land- where for the first time, strangers, visitors and terrorists will be saddled with the responsibility of the security of indigenous people, which is more or less giving a rat the responsibility of protecting a dry fish, all Nnamdi Kanu could do was to quickly release a press statement saying he rejects the idea; others followed him and every other thing is a story. There has never been and cannot be accompanying action or more than words statement of intent; in the end, Fulani will go on with their plans, who has time for loquacious and menstruating men? The plan is already being implemented in Enugu; our governors are the warrant chiefs of this modern slavery but those that claimed to be free men can only rant out of point. There is no visible opposition to the Fulani conquest plan and it is bound to go through. There are still men in our land who are no match for the Fulanis or even the slave masters but foolishness of our people wouldn’t allow them look beyond words. Nnamdi Kanu’s entire family is abroad; Fulani will come, kill us and he would only put the world on notice while we mourn endlessly. It is not the responsibility of the world to protect indigenous people; self-defense is a right and only by activating it shall our lives be preserved. While Fulani gear towards their onslaught; our people call meetings in USA and enjoy empty words of their empty supreme leader. Ifeanyi Chijioke is the founding national leader of Family Writers (ex) Founder Biafra Reporters TBP (ex) Pioneer Biafra TV journalists (ex) Investigative/Independent journalist Writes from Enugu

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