CRASHING ON THE WINGS OF NON-EXISTING BIAFRA MESSIAH You are only crashing against this earth in the most disappointing manner if you continue to lay in wait for Nnamdi Kanu to give you Biafra instead of walk out from your wait and work for your emancipation. Some of you have the money that can restore Biafra quicker than ever imagined but you wait for a non-existing Messiah. Some of you waste your money on your unrealistic Messiah; you waste your resources that can restore Biafra ten times in a year, since 2012, you have been giving out your money to no avail, yet, you have not found it reasonable to pause and think or be responsible for your freedom. The road may seem bright but the end is darkness, humiliation and disappointment. You are your Messiah; invest or contribute where you can manage or see your investment and Biafra will be a reality within the shortest frame of time. For everything you have given your non-existing Messiah; it ended on Radio and meetings; words upon words, promises upon promises and you are not yet wise. In the build up and early period of the 1967 war; the people of Biafra sang on the streets of Biafra, ‘holy…holy…holy, Emeka Ojukwu is another savior’. The video was sent to me by a friend last year, explaining this was not the first time the people of Biafra had made mistake of putting their trust in a man to restore Biafra. He further argued that when the word ‘holy’ is ascribed in praise or honor, that it is a sign of idolatry, but that is not my business today. Although; I took time watching the grey video, I tried to assess the effect of this disposition, how Ojukwu ended up and how Nnamdi Kanu is ending up. Chief Ralph Uwazurike received his own praises but due to absence of social media; his own was not properly documented. The situation boils down to a singular thing; the people of Biafra are emotionally attached to Biafra beyond control. If Satan appears in a broad daylight and convinced Biafrans that he would restore Biafra for them, many will drop everything and follow Satan, not minding the doctrine of hell fire. Each time Biafrans put their trust in a man; they always fail to date, they prefer happy failure to reason and tweaking their emotions. They want to feel it and dream it; they want to savor it and enjoy it, they don’t mind the end product, allow them enjoy and be happy that somebody is giving them hope, even though it’s a false hope. They make mistake out of desperation; they don’t want to be less emotional, they don’t want to apply reason; as long as you can appeal to their emotion, everything is alright. Now you can understand why Nnamdi Kanu told them he forbids referendum, came back and said referendum is his last card, announced referendum or no election, chose referendum date- canceled the referendum by lifting election boycott and went back to US to start all over- fantastic cluelessness. There was a Messiah for Christians and they are still waiting for their Messiah; they don’t want to work out their salvation. Most Christians commit sin and say it is alright; there is someone there that can forgive or have paid my price and I can always possess the kingdom of heaven. But for Biafrans; there is no Messiah; the creator of mankind is the Messiah and he shall choose no man to deliver his people but his people to deliver their selves. This boils down to a simple term; the people of Biafra must declare the awareness of their liberation/independence/freedom and stand by it. One will lead but together Biafra shall be restored, the head cannot do without the tail and so on. But the people of Biafra are crashing on the wings of deceitful Messiah because they have lost their path and bound to perish because they lack knowledge, they rather joyfully scream as they massively come crashing against the earth. Great men and women beautifully and exceptionally created by God and given different talents to overcome any storm. How come they lost their heads to the euphoria of anticipation? The people that should work harder have gone into their homes and waiting for Nnamdi Kanu to give them Biafra. Those that have money have given it to Nnamdi Kanu to restore Biafra with it without assessing or comparatively looking at the past and present. Those that can speak to their people have allowed themselves used by a man who captured them with ordinary tongue. Since Nnamdi Kanu’s prominence; he thrive on words and by virtue of his deceitful oratory, he held great men down and brought them to his barren service or agitation. The truth remains there is no Messiah anywhere for Biafra; the people of Biafra must get down to work and try every option available to them to ensure Biafra is restored. Nnamdi Kanu calling you great sons of Biafra together every month to tell you he will restore or give you Biafra is nothing but wickedness. He cannot in his existence give you Biafra; you people will know your freedom and hold it against wolves. To embrace your freedom; run away from the man that claims he is a Messiah; he is but the devil that has come to destroy and stop the coming of the kingdom of God. You great sons of Biafra shall be delivered from the caprices of the devil who has hijacked the quest for the restoration of the kingdom of God. Not everything that glitters is gold; freedom has no rules or way, it is not fought in a suit and strange land, freedom is fought at home and defended at home. Our land is under occupation; definition of our freedom is the ability to send occupants away and a new dawn of freedom will grace us. It takes men, plenty of men to fight for freedom. Ifeanyi Chijioke is the founding national leader of family writers (ex) Founder Biafra Reporters TBP (ex) Pioneer Biafra TV journalists (ex) Investigative/Independent journalist Writes from Enugu

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