It came to my notice that World Igbo Congress floated fund raising scheme; I extensively deliberated this move with Diaspora but reached no conclusion. Nobody is against fund raising and as a matter of fact; World Igbo Congress is doing the right thing by calling our people to wake up to the reality. Money is needed for us to defend our land hence the government of Nigeria has decided to destroy us. But in the fund raising video floated by the president of World Igbo Congress; the president failed to convince me when he chose ambiguity to transparency.

In the video; the president narrated or cited the situation and insinuated we must do something or perish and that decision to do something triggered fund raising. He further mentioned some groups he said are saddled with the responsibility of executing the defense project but also failed to critically assess the groups’ roadmaps or programs. I am convinced to state that; it is either the president of World Igbo Congress feigned ignorance to avoid disclosing information or he is literally ignorant of ingredients of self defense.

Meanwhile; the president of World Igbo Congress was cited in the last Town Hall meeting held by Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB. Not only was he in attendance ‘a supposed neutral body’ but joined in singing holy, holy, holy praise of the leader of IPOB, the president acted like a kid and one bereft of ideas on multi-agitation system. He understood there are different groups and as umbrella organization; you don’t attend IPOB town hall meeting and boycott LNC town hall meeting. You don’t interact with the leader of IPOB without interacting with other leaders of the groups you mentioned and beyond. What a compromised, used and reckless father!

Going further; World Igbo Congress mentioned groups he noted are responsible for the project of defending our land as follows: LNC, Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, ADF, IPOB, Ekwenche and Igbo Global Alliance. The question begging for answer is; are the groups mentioned by the president of World Igbo Congress the groups that will fight Fulani or defend our land? Or World Igbo Congress has the endorsement of the groups mentioned for funds to be contributed as the general purse of the groups?

If this is the case; World Igbo Congress is not sincere because the groups mentioned are not capable of fighting or defending our land. The president should be able to make it clear to the people of Biafra; is the money to go into political defense which the groups he mentioned are known for or socio-political emancipation? The people must be clearly told where their money is going and what it would be used for; we can’t because Fulani entered and jump into fund raising nobody knows where it’s going. We must be thoroughly carried along else we fight individually, that money you will contribute, save it and buy your own gun for self defense.

IPOB asked for funds and the people of Biafra quickly contributed millions but the money was not accounted for, Nnamdi Kanu’s IPOB squandered the money and when one demands account, the supreme servant asks if the person contributed. We don’t want to have another case like that; it also cannot be impossible Nnamdi Kanu is using World Igbo Congress as financial proxy because IPOB cannot ask the people to contribute for second defense money when the first one contributed was used for porn, flight tickets, accommodations and feeding for endless IPOB meetings.

The president of World Igbo Congress to attend Nnamdi Kanu’s jamboree Town Hall meeting where he only told people to contribute or be chased away from Biafra and singing holy, holy, holy, Nnamdi Kanu is another savior puts him in a position of a puppet and Nnamdi Kanu cannot get second defense money by proxy. If he has squandered the first one and needs another one, the president of World Igbo Congress must meet him and make it clear it is not possible. World Igbo Congress leadership must not let itself to be used for criminal purpose, after singing holy, holy, holy, Nnamdi Kanu is another is another savior, the president comes out to demand funds, let Nnamdi Kanu demand for the money himself if WIC has been compromised.

World Igbo Congress must understand that self defense is not something to joke or play politics with, the president must go back to his drawing board, consult and investigate, pick up established figures ready to apply self defense or organize a new front because IPOB and other groups he mentioned are nothing but political groups that cannot engage Fulani. IPOB will rant endlessly and talk about childish referendum, Ohaneze will issue press release, ADF will attend meetings, LNC will meet senators, Ekwenche will write petitions and Global Igbo Alliance will occupy Sun Newspaper front page. When you talk of self defense and the need to contribute for it with the groups mentioned; it’s very clear that by virtue of the groups mentioned, you don’t know what you are demanding contribution for. It is another unintentional fraud; Nnamdi Kanu made such call, we listened but it was later a criminal call.

Ifeanyi Chijioke is the founding national leader family writers (ex)

Founder Biafra Reporters TBP (ex)

Pioneer Biafra TV journalists (ex)

Investigative/Independent journalists

Writes from Enugu

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