President Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump


Dear President Trump,

Greetings of peace and prosperity to you and your great nation and people of the United States of America for such a time as this. This is the second letter to your excellent honor!

We know you are familiar with and read counsels from UPON THE WATCH and you are fully aware and securely briefed on the events and scenarios that have been playing out for years now in Nigeria with attendant bloodshed and unabated massacres of Christians and Biafrans clearly sponsored by the Nigerian Fulani controlled State!

We also know that you have come to the world scene at such a time as this to stop and checkmate the tide of the children of lawlessness in the world!

Let it once again be brought to your notice that there is a systematic approach by the Government of Muhammadu Buhari and his Fulani race to forcefully grab indigenous farmlands and waterways in the name of a phony National !livestock Program which is indeed nothing but a pathway to establishing a launching pad for the agenda of Islamisation and Fulanisation to the detriment of the indigenous ethnic nationalities!

Today we are encircled by blood thirsty marauders and terrorists – the fourth deadliest in the world called the Fulani herdsmen who are the foot soldiers and Janjaweed army of the Fulani controlled government of Nigeria!

There is nothing like farmers and herders clash in Nigeria. What is dished out to the global media is a cleverly concocted Fulani government narrative to deceive, mislead, misinform and misguide the world to downplay and look away while the most hideous atrocity of ethnic cleansing and stealth genocide are perpetuated daily!

We now stand in great mortal dangers of extermination and loss of our indigenous land and to be zeroed out as a people. We have no other option before us now than to defend our lives and the land of our nativity . We must rise and defend our aged feeble poor and innocent little ones, we must preserve our race and our place in creation. We must preserve our ancestral roots and the true faith of our fathers!

On our highways and farmlands and rural communities flows rivers of blood at the hands of the Nigerian government sponsored Fulani herdsmen in an orchestrated and clandestine agenda to pave way for a Fulani dominated populace and landscape! The media are seriously under gag and threat not to make any singular report anywhere! Nigeria has fully processed herself into a terrorists State! Interstate and intercity Commuters no longer travel by road as death and rape is served on a cold dish by the marauders on the highways!

We therefore stand before all these heavens and this earth to entreat thy favor and the favor of all good men and nations in such a time as this! That which we are compelled to do is that which is the only route which any endangered race and people must follow which is TO RISE AND TO DEFEND OUR LIVES FROM THE REIGN OF TYRANNY!

We therefore implore thee to use the good rod placed in thine hand by the GRACIOUS AND ETERNAL PROVIDENCE to help and support the defense, preservation and freedom of #Biafra by any and all means bestowed into thy power under these heavens!

To balkanize #Nigeria is a task and divine assignment that you must see to covertly or openly within this time of your administration with speed in order to save much lives and stop the orchestrated carnage of conquest and domination by terror sponsored by the Fulani Federal Government of Nigeria!


May the ETERNAL LORD GOD OF HOSTS bless you!

May the MOST HIGH JEHOVAH bless the United States of America!

May the ETERNAL GREAT I AM bless #Biafra and all those who love her forever!

Thank you your Excellency

Under Solemn Oath

Shi ya nje!
DrPatrice Yehuda
( Nna Ańawanti )

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