Capt. Nnamdi Enyinnaya Returns From Annual Recess, Receives Ikpeazu’s Pact With Fulani Overlords

It was a jubilation and praise galore in a civic reception conducted on the honor of the Adjutant last week who was received and welcomed by his PA. Lt. Chikwe Nwogu.

During the interactive section, Capt. Enyinnaya was intimated with the latest happenings in Aba and its environs.

Lt. Nwogu informed the Adjutant how the Abia state government, under Governor Victor Okezie Ikpeazu has brought about perpetual suffering on the people of the state.

Lt. Nwogu further presented a list of pacts signed by the governor with his Fulani masters. Like Ukpabi Asika of the old, the governor had signed the following; putting the people to perpetual slavery, ceding lands belonging to Aba people to the Fulani masters in the guise of constructing the Aba mega city economic development to mention but a few.

Lt. Nwogu maintained that Ikpeazu had began the implementation of some of the agreement in order to test the people’s resolve.

He substantiated this by referencing a particular incident that took place at Agbor Hill where a Fulani herdsman took his knife and cut off four fingers of lady Nmecha.

He also stated that the governor’s wife, Mrs. Ikpeazu went to the hospital where the victim was receiving treatment to make a false promise that the government will fund her medical bill, thereby informing their masters that they are at work. Yet, till today, Ikpeazu’s government had never condemned such dastardly act nor arrested the perpetrators. Simply because his government is replete with stooges who has abandoned the people to serve the interest of the Fulani oligarchy.

As if that was not enough, he returned back to ban commercial tricyclists(Keke operators) from plying the road beyond 7 in the evening, thereby subjecting the people to severe suffering. Their only explanation for carrying out such anti-people policy was by claiming that they are used to commit crimes. This is a reason coming only from one who is being controlled. “This is another evidence of test-running his masters assignment,” Nwogu asserts.

More rogues and hoodlums had been let lose from their inhabitation and Fulani police parading themselves are now inflicting unnecessary pains on the people. Some of them have been going about, arresting and subjugating some gullible women accused of selling bunkering kerosene without going to the filling station. They will extort money from them and still pour away the kerosene. They know the bunkerers yet they can’t do anything about it but turn around to humiliate these women who only wants to make ends meet.

Nwogu concluded that all these was evidence of sheer wickedness which Ikpeazu signed to discharge for his Fulani masters.

The provincial Adjutant, however, after listening to all these ordeals, charged the people to exercise patient, saying that with time he is going to marshal out his programs for the year which will take care of these problems.

He further thanked all his principal officers for keeping fit to their assignment.

Report from Corporal Anele Chinwoke, Media and Publicity.



Seated in a serene compound in decent apparels; Udemba often passes and throws a glance that appeals to her heart. She sluggishly finds it easy with men but Udemba seems to be winning her soul and her initial perception waning dramatically. She would not reciprocate the glance; always taking off her eyes but tactically presents her face- so Udemba could see the beauty he glances each day whilst living a life of pretence tickles her fancy. Like every other tender woman; being shy is part of the joy derived from love and shyness is simply the beginning of love. She nurses that feeling; she would someday be on his bed; she knew he would kiss her and he may not end there. She was only afraid she would need some more; her defenses would collapse and what she fears so much would be her joy.

Udemba wakes up every morning with bitterness; pouting endlessly, he wants to go back to sleep so he could dream more about Olamma. Every dawn seems to torment him; he wants to live without a touch of reality, reality has failed him but his dream makes up for the hardness of reality. The dawn has inevitably stolen a sweet dream; he dresses up, all he ever needed- to see the very woman he kisses a thousand time in his dream. He walks to ‘Awa’ with a bucket; Mr Okafor’s home is on the stream’s way station, a mistress begot by a notable man sits in front singing a hymn all but to herself.

Fate brought them together in the beginning of April- a time daisies and roses sprout glamorously; she would take him to a lawn, showing him stars of the heavens, counting their lucks and smiling in a perfect darkness. Her beauty seduces him to happiness and everything she does is definition of happiness, to him, nothing is as beautiful as love. He compares her to the lily among thorns in the valley in April and her touch like scarce dew on a petal. She sees beauty in Udemba; a beauty exclusively preserved by the gods, she has found her own man, her love, her missing rib and her life. Life became so beautiful; so amazing that all she had, wanted and going to live for is Udemba.

In the month of May; she woke up and stared at her rightfully married husband; took off her own pillow to abreast her shoulder already raised to cherish her husband. Sleeping comfortably; her index finger slightly and erotically runs from his forehead and terminates around his cheek. She does it repeatedly and smiled comfortably; singing a love hymn that never reached her ears. She pauses and raised her face to the ceiling but could not thank the gods enough for the gift of love. She laid back and few hours later; Udemba broke through the cell of the night, had a caring look at her and could neither suspend it, he lavished and savored for her, his firm thrust cannot know tiredness.

“I heard a voice on Radio Biafra; the man called Nnamdi Kanu, since last year has been shouting, he is serious, he is ready to give his life, unlike Uwazurike, he took oaths upon oaths to confront Nigeria and take our freedom. He would fight; he has soldiers, he has ammunition, he is preparing the finest soldiers ever known to man, he left his wife and children in UK to come here and die, the man needs help because we are talking about Biafra millions have died for, their deaths cannot be in vain” Udemba said to Ola one fateful morning but it didn’t go down well with her. She was jealous; never wanted her love to be distracted or taken away by time, she needed no space, she could be with him and the world is complete.

“I fear; I have reservations, people die every day when they mention Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu calls them out and they get killed” she agitated but the voice of Nnamdi Kanu has taken over his husband; he fears nothing, not even death, he forgot he could die and another man would take his love, he abandoned everything, Biafra became his priority and he went straight and registered with IPOB family unit “If I die; my death will be avenged, Biafra will come and 100 Nigerians will go down for my head in the process. Kanu is preparing for war; he has everything ready, death will come if it would come, war or no war but certainly, my soul will rest in peace because if I am killed, Nnamdi Kanu and my people will avenge me” he convinced himself as a result of oaths Kanu took to backup his words and so he came out fully; ready to die for Biafra and defend his mother land. The spirit of Biafra is greater than what we feel, touch or imagined, the spirit takes over and overwhelm, and that became of Udemba.

“If you love Nnamdi Kanu and wants Biafra restored; this is the time to show it, start coming to Afaraukwu Ibeku, Nnamdi Kanu is about to be murdered” Udemba left the arms of his wife as they cuddled and listening to Radio Biafra London, bounced on the road and headed for Afaraukwu; soldiers penetrated Kanu’s home, the dust rested but Udembe was nowhere to be found. For the first time in her marriage; Olamma spent a sleepless night alone, she could not eat nor drink, reason nor relax, perplexed and fearful. The following day; she came to Umuahia but saw nobody in Afaraukwu, she busted into tears, rolled on the ground, unwrapped herself, went crazy, her life would never be the same, nothing except death can make Udemba spend the night outside their matrimonial bed. She was consoled by fellow women but strangers; told that IPOB will take care of families that lost their breadwinners/husbands. She cried louder, screamed beyond control, her strength proved too much for her rescuers, she knew nothing is left, her life gone and the world is a wicked place.

Two years on; nobody came to ask her how she feeds or how she fares but she carried on, in the dead of the night, when breeze whispers and pelt coldness, she felt frozen and tormented, wishing she never gave it all to Udemba, blaming the gods and cursing her fate. She would not blame Biafra because of his husbands words, millions have died; she finds solace in his words, knowing he died a hero even though his corpse was nowhere to be found. She thought of when Biafra will be restored so she can tell her story; she follows the agitation, faithfully waiting for the day of freedom. Her husband died under Nnamdi Kanu’s order; to defend a fellow man that is believed will lead restoration of Biafra. She bears no grudges; she hated one man that says Nnamdi Kanu has betrayed; even though is true, she didn’t want to hear the truth that amounts his husband died for an unfaithful man. She won’t be able to bear it; losing both ends and false hope gives her a life-line.

Few months on; she began to be convinced, referendum, election boycott, protest and hope of conflict, everything died slowly. She was contemplating on what has gone wrong; a sex video of the very man that her husband died under his command made way to the internet. She watched the video as tears trickled down; it reminds her of Udemba, a perfect man on and off the bed, a man of reputable character, she imagined how Udemba does it perfectly than Nnamdi Kanu and knowing she is a million times beautiful than Uchechi, she savored for love, the sex video triggered her emotions, Udemba is forever absent, she has not and cannot find his replacement. She waited a while to hear Nnamdi Kanu condemn or deny the video; but Kanu praised the beauty of his unclad wife therein and technically endorsing the video. Olamma shivered; many members of IPOB began to upload their wives and husbands; she felt cheated and betrayed, softness sets in, her husband was fooled, the man who killed her husband has gone back to enjoy life, it was all a trick, he was never ready to put his life or fight for Biafra.

Olamma without hesitation made for a stool and a rope, climbed on the stool with hardened face, tied the rope on a ceiling fan-carrier and pre-tied a loosed end her neck would hang on. She broke down into hesitant tears and faithfully repeated “Udemba; make sure you are there waiting for me, the world is a wicked place, nothing is left here and you knew you were all I got and yet left. Wait for me; I cannot bear this anymore; I cannot torment my life any more. The Biafra you died for has become #CouplesPrivateChallenge thing; sex video and all manner of deceit. Let my soul rest in peace in your bosom because no couple is here to continue the agitation with me” She reluctantly inserted his head into the loosed end of the rope, carefully pushed the stool away with her feet and the chapter of Udemba and Olamma ended, but Nnamdi Kanu would not be there to take the book he authored.

She committed suicide because she didn’t get the message of the leveller, Biafra is coming like a tsunami. This happens when we trust a mortal, man is the worst creature that can be trusted. Olamma died a useless death because she died when Biafra was closer than before. Nnamdi has finished his mission and there is a leveller already here to complete the mission.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Nostradamus though late is a name that resonates among fulfilled or true prophesies; never had what he prophesied failed to come to reality. Among all the prophecies by Nostradamus; the one that relates to Biafra is “A prince will rise from the trigger of Africa and be the envy of other princes”. A closer look at African map; defunct Biafra is at the trigger of gun-shaped African map and it was then clear to us that the prophesied Prince will come from Biafra land. It is no coincidence that at the trigger of Africa lives a secession bid, a yet-to-be-nation believed to be potentially the savior of Africa. It is also widely believed that Africa is dead; a continent its present situation has no hope of rising to its full potential anymore. But the rise of a Prince will change the situation because prophesy of Nostradamus said, the Prince shall be the envy of other Princes. Note; Nostradamus didn’t say the Prince shall lead or rule the people but he shall rise for a singular purpose.

From the trigger of Africa shall a Prince rise; it has to be at the trigger and a trigger has many connotations, the Prince will rise with strength, courage, bravery and his strength shall be envied, his courage shall be envied, his fearlessness shall be envied and never shall his wards be species of terror. A trigger has to do with force; it has to do with power and a trigger defines strength, strongest countries of the world derive their strength from a trigger. The Prince that shall rise from the trigger of Africa is a Prince worthy of the trigger.

In 2015; a Prince rose from the trigger of Africa to call for the freedom of the nation at the trigger of Africa but the Prince was out to make a way for the very ‘Nostradamus’ Prince that shall be the envy of all, like John De Baptist whose calling was to preach the gospel and prepare the way for the coming of Jesus Christ. John De Baptist was a man who never gave in to the temptation of ambition; had he ambition, when the people started shouting he was the Messiah, he could had aligned and accepted he was the Messiah but he persevered, he subdued ambition and told them, he is not the Messiah but one who has come to prepare the way for the Messiah.

When the Prince rose from the trigger of Africa in 2015; Microphone was and still his weapon, he doesn’t know where the trigger lies. The aspiring nation at the trigger of Africa suffered immeasurable loss; nobody envied the Prince and his people. Who would want to be continuously subjected to abuse of his rights? Who would want to be subjected to forceful disappearance, murder, arrest and incarceration? The Prince that rose suffered all forms of abuse; his king’s palace raided and deserted; his king and queens nowhere to be found. The Prince was attacked and he retreated; went into self exile in a foreign land. Nobody can envy anyone in such situation; it is disheartening, a thing of pity and that is not the Prince Nostradamus prophesied that would rise at the trigger of Africa and be the envy of other Princes. Today; other Princes wish not or forbid to be the Prince that rose in 2015; nobody envies the Prince on self exile, a Prince humiliated by the military and chased away from the palace. Such Prince is not the Prince Nostradamus prophesied; but that Prince is rising, wait for him!

In the aspiring nation at the trigger of Africa; kingship has been abused that we today have many political kings; autonomous kings and rest of them. Traditional kingship is now rare; they are hardly recognized and respected because the people at the trigger of Africa now respect money. Kingship is bought with money and good contact; such king cannot have a place in Nostradamus prophesy. The King to rise from the trigger of Africa will be worthy of the trigger but let the preparation of the rising of the Prince not be misconstrued. Had John De Baptist told the world he is the Messiah that is coming; the coming of the Messiah would have been harder or complicated. The devil has taken over the world and to fight against the Prince may have possessed his John De Baptist to say or believe he is the Messiah.

The Prince is rising from the trigger of Africa; wait for him, his coming has been made complicated, his way has been blocked by his John De Baptist but the Prince is coming. Prophets and High Priests are already preparing his way; to make his coming worthy of de prophesy, he shall come and never rule over the people, he shall come and be the envy of all Princes but shall not rule over the people. He shall show the power of God through the trigger and never shall he retreat or be forced into exile. The Prince is coming to restore the pride, fear factor and human dignity of his people. The Prince is coming to restore the right of his people to live and let live. The Prince shall rise as Nostradamus prophesied and never shall the kingdom be enslaved or oppressed again.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Enugu



I was tagged with a video but reluctant to watch; Asari Dokubo sat composed like a TV anchor; it would take me the next day to watch because I was in a transit. I don’t like watching Asari Dokubo facebook live in a noisy place, I do take my time and get the message assimilated. But unlike his previous facebook live; some unscrupulous elements that are voluntarily or involuntarily pushing the struggle for the restoration backward started to rant that Asari Dokubo is no longer part of us, I was shocked and worried; has Asari Dokubo renounced Biafra?

I observed further and found out those unscrupulous elements are members of IPOB who said Asari is no longer with ‘us’. The most annoying aspect of the whole thing is the belief their leader is infallible and a ‘god’ nobody must help or advise. They don’t care if Biafra comes or not; they don’t care if Biafra is wounded or not, all they care is the continued exploitation of innocent Biafrans. There is a source of information; they can always reach the people first via radio Biafra and lie, assassinate character and label one agent or saboteur. Asari must be careful because he is dealing with agents of pride who would rather conceal truth than lose their grip on the people. Such is lying to the people to keep boycotting election, protesting and getting killed or arrested for Biafra to be restored.

Uchemefor; the deputy leader of IPOB intervened to halt the trend with a clear message ‘Asari is entitled to his own opinion and everything he said was his entitlement’. When I read the message from Uche asking members of IPOB to quit banters; I laughed because the gods have made him mad and his death (literary) is near. This dog doesn’t get the stench of anything anymore; it is all clear death is come to take the little wild dog. Of the candid advise from a man more Biafran than him; all he could do was to rubbish his advice as selfish position. But Asari can be rest assured that his message was loud and clear; IPOB would have taken it with a pinch of salt if they are truly fighting for Biafra.

A man with One Thousand free men is better than a man with One Million slaves loyal to him; diplomatic and influence-wise, one Asari Dokubo is more valuable to Biafra than One Million IPOB members roaming the streets and disrupting church services in Aba and other places. Asari Dokubo being an Ijaw man gives Biafra the identity or broadens the circle; it’s virtually an arrow against the divide in our land. With Asari Dokubo championing the agitation in his own way; people cannot boldly say Niger Delta is not Biafra, he remains a factor and his voice is a golden one to this agitation. IPOB Nnamdi Kana feels that because Biafrans in America will always contribute Fifty Dollars when asked and those at home always contribute monthly dues, everything is alright, any other person can go to hell, but they never learn from Uwazurike, vam! The people will wake up and understand IPOB have absolutely nothing to offer but worsening our situation with ineffective policies and cowardice.

Nnamdi Kanu reportedly responded to Asari Dokubo’s candid advice on his radio Biafra weekly rant where unmasking Buhari has overshadowed referendum demand or Biafra restoration. He reportedly told his members not to worry; that they should know that anybody they mention his name on radio Biafra, Nigerian government meets the person and debrief him or pay him to start talking against them, referring to Asari Dokubo. After I read this report; I quickly listened to Asari Dokubo again and found out its either Nnamdi Kanu has a different motive or he is possessed by evil spirit strongly fighting against Biafra restoration. A candid advice from a man more Biafran than him cannot cost anything to take or learn from. His insinuation that Asari is now a saboteur is the massive height of his stupidity; do I blame him? No! We gave him the room to take us for granted by trusting a mere mortal just because of his words, mere words without action. From the moment he said he commands the army of Biafra and will lead them in a battle; we shouted yes!

What was Asari’s advice? Avoid divide among the groups that have identified with the struggle and have unity of purpose. Stop character assassination of anybody or groups in Biafra and face the struggle we all came for. Stop perambulating and shouting give me referendum or no election; be spot on, if Muhammadu Buhari is dead and impersonated, drive him out in 2019 than beg Sudan to take him away for you. Try and harmonize; don’t create more problems for Biafra by bringing religious disunity and creating unwarranted opposition. What else can a true Biafran say than what Asari Dokubo has said; or truth is so repulsive to IPOB and supreme leadership.

As expected; Nnamdi Kanu also reportedly told Asari that he cannot stop what he is doing even though he respected or regarded him previously; this was detailed by a quote from his live broadcast. The idea of IPOB picking up a fight each time a suggestion is made shows there is something yet unknown to the people of Biafra. Asari Dokubo is no longer part of Biafra because he advised IPOB; told them to change for good, he has committed blasphemy for advising the supreme god of Biafra. IPOB Nnamdi Kanu is a big joke; but God is alive and the devil in IPOB cannot stop the restoration of Biafra.

For the record, Asari said we either remove Buhari by means of resistance or remove him through the ballot in a situation of peace we embraced because he is enemy of Biafra that has been killing us. Running away from operation python dance and shouting election boycott will make victory easier for Buhari

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja



Most Biafrans barely know the cost of Biafra; they come out everyday shouting we need Biafra and waving Biafran flags. Most of them belong to different agitating groups; make contributions every night and day but don’t know the cost of Biafra. Some derive joy; some accrue wealth, some defraud while some earn a living with it. Oji oso agbakwuru ogu amaghi na ogu bu onwu; in a bit to deny reality, some raise their hands and shout we are peaceful and it is our right to agitate for Biafra but before their last word, they were gunned down and now in the grave.

I have seen some that follow order; they do anything they were told to do with the singular belief of having the state of Biafra restored. They don’t do anything because they know what should be done for Biafra to be restored but because they simply want Biafra restored. Be it to vote out Muhammadu Buhari or boycott election; as long as they were convinced either option can help restore Biafra, they will do it. They are innocent Biafrans; men of pure and desiring hearts, they are the willing tools to restore Biafra but wrongly used.

Those of us that know what Biafra is and the cost of Biafra have chosen the narrow path where few men are seen. This path is not a path of too much talk or publicity stunt; not a photogenic path or a fun path but a path of thorn and silence. While the broad way has many drunkard, models, musicians, comedians, actors and actresses, the narrow way has disciplined men, soldiers, wounded men, afflicted souls in need of vengeance and many more. It is not always easy to choose that path because there is little or no joy going that way but in the end is paradise.

We must know where the rain started to drench us to know where it stopped; we cannot come out without understanding the cost of Biafra to seek Biafra. Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu began this journey under force of arm; the three years Biafra existed was under force of arm until it lost its sovereignty under same force of arm. Years later; Uwazurike was presented to continue the struggle for our freedom and we knew how he ended. He peacefully followed the agitation but Nigerian government forcefully responded and there was no way peace could match force and Biafra agitation sagged under Uwazurike, everything became history and till date, he is still shouting Biafra without understanding the cost.

Nnamdi Kanu came on board again; thought he understood the cost of Biafra but succumb to peaceful agitation like Uwazurike, yet Nigerian government confronted with force, like play like play, he is back to foreign land where he came from and finally to Radio Biafra where he started, back to square one!

The situation today is simply because we have not understood the cost of Biafra; the cost of Biafra is countering the force of oppression and that is the only means freedom can be achieved. Before His Excellency late Dim Chukwuemeka left us; he made it clear that Biafra is a child of circumstance that can only live by force but bravery is lacking in the hearts of many that have tried to occupy indigenous leadership positions in the struggle.

Every Biafran must understand that Biafra is a subject of force and this is why Nigerian government orders her army to handle guns anywhere Biafra is mentioned. They understood Biafra is all about force and when Biafra is mentioned, they show or bring force. Most leaders of the struggle mention Biafra empty handed; some have microphone as weapon, while some have propaganda, attack and gossip which confirmed they don’t know the cost of Biafra. History has proven that Biafra cannot be mentioned without arms, either for attack or defense and anybody mentioning Biafra empty handed has not really stepped out for Biafra. He or she has a different motive; the people of Biafra must come to this term and prepare their minds and bodies. When they shout Biafra; they should know the cost of Biafra, what Biafra stands for and what is obtainable. They have died in their millions for mentioning Biafra and continued dying in thousands for mentioning it today.

Finally; any day Biafrans wage their enemies or mention Biafra without allowing death come upon them, Biafra will stand that day and forever but as long as Biafra is mentioned and Biafrans are killed willingly. As long as Biafra is mentioned and our leaders are debriefed to start shouting peace; Biafra will remain a mirage. As long as Biafra is mentioned and our leaders are attacked and they run away today to fight tomorrow, Biafra will remain an illusion. But any day we mention Biafra and stand on our feet; absorb force against us even for one week, Biafra will regain her sovereignty and live forever.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Enugu



Let me humbly bring to your attention that the very man you heard testifying in the court yesterday was the very Chidiebere Onwudiwe that worked with DSS, dined and wined with DSS in their classic bar and many more accusations levied against him before finally relinquishing him of the position of National Coordinator while still suffering in detention. You all heard how the electrocution, the chains, the injection, the 2.5 power horse air conditioning room he enjoyed while he sabotaged the struggle panned out.

Even those that masterminded the accusation and made it viral with pseudo accounts went ahead to sharing the confession of what transpired behind the scene, they do so to accrue sympathy for the struggle and because they could not overlook the sufferings of Chidiebere Onwudiwe for simply standing in the gap for their freedom. Ingrates; men of one thousand faces, chameleons, they today want the world to hear their designated traitor. Men without shame!

I don’t want to list them but it looks they don’t know what is shame anymore, hapless, headless, iberiberistic idiots, mugus and mofus, ants and octopuses, ugly creatures and dirty things that parade themselves as freedom fighters. They don’t know what justice is; their conscience as guilty as Satan. Their stock in trade is gossip; gossiping to make ends meet, their stomach drives their conscience, idiots and bigger idiots.

In that room with 2.5 power horse air conditioning system, freezing him every morning and night, in a cold night when you idiots were in the warmth of your wayward girlfriends and dirty boyfriends, he stayed there cuddling himself and nowhere to hide nor whom to beckon on. All you idiots that put DSS on his trail because your evil minds told you he is blocking your sources of misappropriation and embezzlement. You all have seen it; you went on circulating that he worked with DSS; you all can now see the electrocution, the air conditioning, the injection that cause bleeding through his penis, you all have seen what he passed through and that was the work for DSS. You all are idiots, fools, nincompoops, nitwits, vagabonds, squirrels, rabbits, may karma pay you all with equal measure.

I anticipated such treatment because Chidi in a chat had told me DSS thought he knew everything or he was the key to IPOB system or structure. He must have faced such level of torture because they would never believe the much he knew, they wanted more and to get more, torturing has to be doubled or at a maximum. While he was in chains; his life threatened and a trigger to be pulled, you hopeless fools were somewhere tweeting and posting how he was given cushion bed and chair, served exotic tea and used the millions Peter Obi gave him to bring in illicit drugs. You all must suffer in one way or another; the evil men do live with them.

The very time Chidiebere was undergoing these tribulations; some men were somewhere planning how to finally remove him as the national coordinator of IPOB. They sold their gossiping to the supremistic supremo who would eventually call the God-like shot. They sang holy, holy, holy, thou art our savior before finally informing him this way “Savior, thou shall throw Chidiebere Onwudiwe into the pit of hell; there DSS are holding him, he is negotiating the arrest of Judge Onyibe with a cup of tea and smiling inside 2.5 power horse air conditioning room” and the blind supremistic supremo looked up and heard the song that ascribed holiness to his unworthy sinful self and called the shot. “Henceforth; Chidiebere Onwudiwe is a saboteur and anyone seen talking or looking at him shall be excommunicated. He is no longer the national coordinator of IPOB” that same IPOB that caused the sufferings we heard.

I heard Chidiebere Onwudiwe striped off his cloth and pleaded that his hands were clean; he knew what he passed through and the emotional trauma he was placed under. He could feel the blood dropping from his private part and his lungs massively aching, he could not bear another pain, to be rejected and thrown away by the same people he passed through hell for. May God have mercy upon the souls of men; heartless men, sinful men, men with a stony heart, men without conscience and men that have become Devil’s willing tools. They are the men that pointed evil hand at Chidiebere Onwudiwe and vowed to destroy him.

Nonetheless; he came back alive, stronger and can tell his story, he was not killed after threats that he shall die, he did not die in prison and neither did he die when he came out. He did not run away from his father’s compound and neither did he shrink. Chidiebere Onwudiwe can tell his story today and shame is the portion of all of you that heard him yesterday but thought and executed evil against him.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Integrity in a layman’s definition is doing what one said; illustratively, if I say I will marry my girlfriend Ada, whether good or bad, I have to marry her because integrity is doing what I said or promised. When Nnamdi Kanu conveyed us in his G-wagon; we all relaxed without stopping even to date, some are still in his G-wagon being conveyed to nowhere. Nobody bothered to stop at any bus-stop; we enjoyed the ride until some of use began to alight. We alighted because of lack of integrity; you say is fight, a little while, you say is pressure, a little while, you say is peace and again you say is no more. Complete assessment of Kanu shows he cannot be trusted as his mouth speaks his imagination and not his strength. This is why today; the people of Biafra don’t know if they are protesting, boycotting or fighting for their independence, nobody knows what is happening anymore.

Since the creation of mankind; the kingdom of God suffereth violence and those that will take it shall take it by force, this is what many that dared to take the kingdom could not do and Nnamdi Kanu is the latest testament. One thing is certain; Nnamdi Kanu is not ready to die and anybody that wants Biafra have to first decide to die, it is not an easy task, to willingly or consciously die for what you believe in. Nnamdi Kanu shouted it is either the flag is raised or he is lowered to the grave but when the time came, he ran to Israel for his dear life and ranting carelessly like a wayward mistress.

He took the heart of the people with words; yes, with words, what did he do, spent two years in jail, talked like a man but acted like a woman. Uwazurike spent more years in prison than him, Innocent Orji spent ten years in prison with his family, name them, Onwuka spent more years and dared to take over Enugu radio house, what exactly did Kanu do if not words upon words? He tried to keep the heart of the people to himself from Israel but it is now clear things are falling apart.

His broadcast opened his dishonest deeds and the people have embraced the reality before them; the untouchable may have compromised, from promising them referendum to telling them some governors must be voted out. The inconsistence has become unbearable; so where did the printing of ballot papers happen and the hell he will come back with? Call for his ouster has gained momentum and disbelief has started to setting in. He cannot restore Biafra and the signs abound; he cannot take the kingdom of God, yes, he has started to complain that he cannot apply force because of whatever reason he knows. He has started to say any politician that support IPOB will be voted in. The handwriting is clear and the people of Biafra must start to look for alternative. When a fighter starts to throw sand at his opponent; you know strength has faded.

Things are falling apart for him simply because of inability to abide by the principles the agitation was founded. If the people agreed to walk to Lagos barefooted; that shall be given to them but when one starts to accrue wealth to buy shoes, dishonesty takes over the affair. Nnamdi Kanu’s promises/vows have been uploaded for his consumption; he can also confirm that he has failed 99.9% of what he vowed or promised the people. The latest development that raised momentum for his ouster was his recent broadcast where he altered his no election campaign.

Fight; he told the people that he cannot fight but ready to use civil disobedience to its logical conclusion, then when time to use civil disobedience came; he failed the people at the eleventh hour, calling off election boycott that was the only civil disobedience left for him. Integrity remains alien to him and his organization. Propaganda became the chief corner stone after initial rejection; either ranting how UN invited them, how referendum was sanctioned by UN or observers coming from Israel and many more, slowly, he is being consumed by the wild fire of propaganda. There comes a time people would want you to do and not believe in endless talks.

Say the ones you can do and do the ones you say; that is the best way to last forever, but when you shout you will never oversee Biafra gotten peacefully and come back to rant how peaceful you want to be. When you shout election boycott is everything you have got to restore Biafra only to call it off at the eleventh hour, Oga, you will be blown away by the wind when the head of the people you talk to comes into use. Biafra is still there waiting for a brave touch; you recoiled to the Radio ranting endlessly, it is alright but my concern is, IPOB is falling apart due to lack of integrity.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Enugu state as my state of origin remains a blessing; a state with culture, love and talent. The idea of his Excellency making Enugu the capital of Biafra in 1967 is beyond geographical position. While Anambra is arguably the first born; it is imperative to consider the political alterations that marred our existence as a people. In the absence of division orchestrated by Gowon; Enugu would be Anambra and Anambra would be Enugu; by virtue of this, it is arguable to say Enugu is also the first son of Biafra. In Enugu; Fulani herdsmen are on rampage and one thing that echoes in my head is “Give me guns and bullets to defend our people against Fulani” this that echoes in my head triggered contribution around the globe- defense fund. Nnamdi Kanu got contributions and while I didn’t contribute; many Enugu sons and daughters contributed and by virtue of that, I can ask for the defense of the people of Enugu from the man who received money from them to defend them from Fulani herdsmen.

While those that died before 2015 have nothing to do with Nnamdi Kanu; those that died after 2015 or when Nnamdi Kanu has been given all the money he asked for to defend the people and Biafra land from Fulani invasion will be speaking against him before the throne of God. Kanu’s words cum vows led so many of us to the grave with the singular belief we would die no more tomorrow. I personally watched men gunned down in 2016; shouting no retreat and no surrender, shouting you will kill us and we will kill you- those were the words that motivated men to their early graves.

The first public appearance Kanu made as the anchor and director of radio Biafra was at World Igbo Congress where he vowed and assiduously asked the people of Biafra to give him guns and bullets that Fulani herdsmen are coming to maim and kill our people. He made Igbo sons and daughters to understand only when money is provided can they be saved. He presented himself as a savior and we agreed- sang savior’s songs and lifted him beyond his imagination.

Money was contributed for him as he demanded; to ensure there was no excuse, our people defined defense fund and contributed it specifically for our defense. All the money Kanu needed were provided; home and abroad contributed, the weak and the strong contributed, financially unfit Biafran sons took loans to ensure money was never a problem. Nnamdi Kanu got everything he needed but could not deliver- appearing to be fraud; Fulani herdsmen are today killing our people without any form of defense or opposition. People continue to die every day in the hands of Fulani herdsmen while the money we contributed serve a selfish interest in the pockets of those that have access to it.

Members of IPOB called me out few weeks ago; mocking me with pictures and videos of my people massacred in Enugu, they said I deserve to hide my face but am yet to know if it’s because I did not contribute my own quota or because I am against IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu fighting back with the millions accrued from the contribution. If a man approached us and pleaded we mobilize him to fight Fulani herdsmen and I used my column to urge our people to give him everything he wanted, have I not contributed my quota? I deserve not to be mocked because I believed in a con man who took our money only to say he won’t do the job and still refused to return the contribution. Lying and trading propaganda to sustain his mischievous and sacrilegious intents.

God is not a man and He is dispassionate; He is a just God who looks inside of the heart of men and judge them accordingly. For every soul lost to Fulani herdsmen without a fight speaks against the man the funds to defend was given to. When the spirit of God led Nnamdi Kanu to World Igbo Congress to demand funds for the protection of our people; it means God doesn’t want the situation presently in Enugu. Had the people of Biafra refused to contribute defense fund or declined the plea; God would have held them responsible but because funds were successfully raised from many places for Nnamdi Kanu and he refused to utilize those funds for the purpose it was raised, the blood of the victims is on his head. He can junket; live large, wear the best shoes and suits, he can do anything he wants with the funds but karma is real.

Before God and man; there won’t be a hiding place for Kanu when judgment comes, the spirit of those that died without putting up a fight is already speaking against the man whose pride and quest for vain glory has blinded because he has been made mad by the gods to the extent he roams the street with his followers ascribing holy, holy, holy to his sinful self. He has seized the funds and incapacitated the people; rendered them useless and technically force them to swear to be under his command and control, wherein he can decide and deceitfully shepherd them.

But a leveler cometh and the good news shall come to fruition; we shall die no more like flies in the hands of uncircumcised Philistines. The deceiver shall be stripped of his throne and made naked before the world, that he may know Chukwuokike is the captain of the ship of Biafra. For the funds he sits upon for the sake of his comfort shall discomfort him. The nostrils he deprived of breathe shall have a fresh breath that will usher in Biafra to the glory of God. Biafra is the last miracle and so shall amidst unbelief; it shall come from the strangest place.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Although smart but take it easy; not every one of us went to Ibini Ukpabi, some of us kept our heads intact and like an orthodox Biafran, we reason. You are running faster than your shadow and your disciples are making the ride easy for you. Before election; you signed, sealed and delivered agreement with Atiku, you quickly lifted election boycott because you want your people to take part in the election. You told them to vote candidates of their choice but quickly reminded them not to vote candidates that brought operation Python Dance. You made a step further when you made it clear that Atiku should be voted; then your people went to the poll and voted Atiku. Amazing!

When election result began to trickle in; you fought gallantly to stop Southeast governors rigging for Buhari and vowed IPOB will defend their votes, a vow you did not redeem like others, I expected our volunteers to storm the streets and demand justice for your dearest Atiku who at least agreed to sign, seal and deliver a document to you. I saw numerous tweets from you; your lawyers and e-rats boasted how you would deliver Southsouth and Southeast for Atiku, words, just mere words on a heap of sharp sand. Few members of IPOB who obtained their voters’ card could not do anything; no wonder Jubril’s party is representing you in Abuja through Orji Uzor Kalu.

You lost the election with Atiku; be a man of integrity for once, have shame for once and accept your decisions with your heads high. When you come back from the election you took part; you don’t start shouting votes don’t count, if votes don’t count, you would not have lifted the boycott, you knew votes can count and politics a factor you want to embrace. You took my people for granted; you talk to them like a wayward mistress you sleep all night and bash all day. You lost the election- your signed, sealed and delivered document also failed. Shed tears in your closet and come out with a brave face; tell the world you are proud of your decision to involve in the election and also proud of your loss. I don’t want to start teaching you how to be a man; stop taking my people for a ride, they are not your wayward mistress.

Dear Atikulated Nnamdi Kanu; after the election; you changed your tone, began to say you lifted the boycott because they will say you perpetrated violence. You quickly tried to justify your boycott; so you knew boycott was necessary but lifted it? You are getting confused and swayed by each dawn; you must learn how to be a man and stand one place. You don’t need to start all over; this Biafra we are agitating might likely not contain you. We don’t want a type of leader that says red in the morning and does black in the night; we want leaders that says we will die and when death comes we die together, we want a leader that says won’t die and when death comes we conquer death together. You are setting a dangerous standard in Biafra where leaders can say anything they want after smoking or drinking liquor just to get the support of the people; it’s a fraudulent act that must be avoided- crime.

Atiku signed, sealed and delivered agreement to you but unfortunately he failed and his failure is your failure, we are not happy about the failure but some things are better taken with a pinch of salt. You have become a chameleon to the point we don’t know what will become of you the next minute. You can beat your chest and shout once more that you are Atikulated; it is not a sign of failure but belief. Best things don’t always come to fruition; evil triumphed over good, that is the situation with Atiku and you should be a strong man.

It is disappointing that you woke up and started shouting you told them PVC doesn’t count when you actually mobilized and urged your members to add their votes. You should be proud of the fact that you are humbly Atikulated and look for other opportunities you can grab than start claiming how holy you were or how right you were to have opted for boycott, after all, nobody forced you to join Nigerian politics, you saw it as next line of action for IPOB.

Now Atikulated but failed to deliver; do not shy away from your belief or abandon your political allies because of this setback. Atiku can be of great value to you tomorrow; he signed, sealed and delivered a document nobody could have done for you, he can do more tomorrow. IPOB’s political journey has Atiku on its side and it is a big credit for whatsoever aspiration that will be put forward tomorrow. The loss is not the end of the road; do not deny Atiku or change, even though a chameleon cannot stop changing but I urge you to work on yourself, you can be a brave lion that is fearless because a chameleon has no worth.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Indeed; here comes the very end of Kanu’s few years of agitation; everybody can now go and vote, we have lifted election boycott in Biafra land and ended our civil disobedience. My disappointment glitters more than a refined gold; not specifically because I did not gain as much as Nnamdi Kanu and her team gained, my disappointment is a good friend of mine that gave up his corporate job because of Biafra. There was another of my friend who left Europe for Biafra land to fight for our motherland; last two years, he was still hopeful, living in the bush and refused to meet the leader of IPOB even when pilgrimage to his Afaraukwu home was the most sacred ritual in Biafra land.

I met Mr. Bob when I was anchoring Biafra Television news analysis; looking so haggard and frail but his previously creamed skin still has a life left of it. Eventually; malnutrition and scorching African sun would take everything. He has chosen to be a Rasta man, not because he was a musician but because he can easily disguise his poor state of living and zero income. Two Hundred Naira is a big money to waste every two weeks in a saloon, four taps of marijuana would make a better life than the hair that disturbs nobody.

He was in a jean trouser, long sleeve shirt and a pair of shoe starved of care- placed under hard labor, I needed no prophet to tell me that could be his only shoe. Although he would not talk vibrantly, murmuring his words to pass a clear message he is not a man of many words. I informed him most security personnel now stay in Umuahia and follow Nnamdi Kanu to every function- so he could have a rethink but he was adamant “Why should I go there when I have something to do; Director is preparing and I am working so when the time comes, we won’t be all in one place” he boldly said with high shoulders.

It was at dawn I met him when unruly sunrise threatened a beautiful sky, he didn’t have much time- ready to know why I called him and go back to his base, life can wait until Biafra is restored, home building has been suspended, all that matters now is his mission to restore Biafra “It is very clear Nigeria will never let Biafra go; this thing will end in the battlefield and Nnamdi Kanu is preparing, I have to prepare, only a command and the zoo will fall” he said as I probed him to ascertain why he abandoned everything for the bush. He trains morning and evening with few other boys; the bitterness in him has thrown caution to the wind, he can walk to any military barrack on a suicide mission, and after all, death will give a deserving peace than living under slavery.

Since the last time we talked; I have not set my eyes on Bob- but he is alive, he doesn’t go out there for protest, he is patiently waiting for the command to take Biafra. Signed, sealed and delivered became the command- you can now go and vote any candidate of your choice but not Muhammadu Buhari. Bob will be disappointed; his life sacrificed for nothing and his stay in the bush a waste of time- leaving Europe for Biafra land was a maximum mistake. He has no voters’ card and not ready to have a deal with Nigeria; life can be tormenting especially when every hope is placed on a mere mortal that can change at the slightest touch. No command will come; those that died believing a command died for a conman.

Okechukwu Saga

Okechukwu became Radio Biafra addict in 2015 and in 2016 was caught by the words of Nnamdi Kanu; he works at UBA but could not manage his emotion. He fell for Kanu’s loud mouthed lies; the zoo will fall- he would match this year- Biafra will be restored in the battlefield this year. To Okechukwu; if Biafra goes to the battlefield, Nigeria will fall and he was ready. After all; in no distant time; there won’t be Nigerian banks anywhere, as soon as Biafra is restored, he would go back to banking in Biafran banks. The straightforward thought would eventually destroy him because the leader of the struggle has reservations.

He began a nonchalant attitude to work; absenteeism became a norm and he was sacked, he felt relieved and happy, he can now face the struggle, get trained and ready to take Biafra. Unknown to him; Nnamdi Kanu has another plan, he would eventually announce signed, sealed and delivered agreement- to order people to go back to Nigeria via politics. That soft landing for Nnamdi Kanu was the killer; people like Okechukwu will have something to console themselves. Signed, sealed and delivered; even though nobody knows who signed, sealed and delivered or what was signed, they can accept the lie to stay alive.

To those of us that were disappointed or those that would have committed suicide for trusting a man; take heart and consider the absorber that before we ended our agitation- agreed to vote- revalidate our slavery, we got the delivery of signed, sealed and delivered agreement. Those of us that cannot shoulder the lie should have hope in the leveler who was prophesied to come and complete the journey. The bottom line is; come rain or sun; Biafra will be a sovereign state. Whether signed, sealed or delivered to abandon Biafra; go back to Nigeria or settle anybody, Biafra is a done deal; God has raised a leveler even before Kanu thought of betraying the cause.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From ENUGU