If any document exists as claimed by Nnamdi Kanu- a document signed and sealed by our most loving Muhammadu Buhari or Atiku Abubakar to give us Biafra or give us a date for our referendum, then this is what the document is like, a Greek gift or 1914 amalgamation secretly signed and sealed. Voom! We are set on another fraudulent journey to Nigeria, may the souls of our heroes rest in peace.

Few people sat down and sold the future of black most populace country in 1914; there was no consultation or awareness of the people to know what they were going into. British imperial leaders talked to three people, sat them down- signed and sealed agreement that kept millions in poverty, brought death and tears for more than a century and counting. That is not only a fraud; it is a crime against humanity and looking back at that agreement, we would have been better off without the agreement.

After half a century; Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu decided to put an end to the deaths caused by this fraudulent amalgamation agreement by tearing it down but he received powerful reaction. Britain rolled her tanks and deployed her military which ended up killing three million and five hundred thousand people. The document that was signed was not agreed by the people and the people know nothing about it but Ojukwu’s argument was rather subdued by tanks and military deployment, the rest became story.

Ojukwu’s ideology did not die even though it was conquered in the battlefield; Uwazurike once more started the journey of Biafra independence before Nnamdi Kanu took over. The argument of the agitators for a different nation for the people of Biafra bothers on singular thing- they don’t want a nation like Nigeria where there is no law, where there is marginalization and where the people have no power to aspire and flourish. They believe Nigeria is ruined by few people who can sit down somewhere in London and decide the future of millions of people and the few consider only their interest.

Nnamdi Kanu constantly sermon how Biafra will be an upgrade on Nigeria and the hope of Africa, citing that Biafra will be a civil nation carried and managed by the people. ‘We will teach them how to run a nation; Biafra is the hope of a black man, the people of Biafra will have their nation and decide everything’ Nnamdi Kanu will thunder on his Radio Biafra London platform.

The biggest disappointment would be the people of Biafra having died in their millions only to have another Nigeria in Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu’s championing of the agitation is leading the people to their doom; the people could wake up tomorrow and see the same devil they fought and died in Nigeria starring at them in Biafra. An adage says; the snake would never fail to birth a long offspring; that is the situation Biafra championed by Nnamdi Kanu is into. Passion to see Biafra restored and Nnamdi Kanu having access to popular information decimation channels may have helped in the destruction of Biafra and her people.

Nnamdi Kanu made a compromising broadcast in which he ended his civil disobedience after pressure from the likes of Asari Dokubo, Law Mefor and other politicians in Biafra, in the broadcast, he said document was signed and sealed for the birth of Biafra. He did not mention those behind the signatory; not even his own team or Buhari’s team. He just woke up and announced a document has been signed and sealed for Biafra and when you ask average Biafran about the deocument signed and sealed for him; he doesn’t know, he can only shout Nnamdi Kanu said was a document was signed, not minding if its existing or non-existing.

When IPOB stalwarts were approached to account for the document or give clue of what the document is like; they neither know if it exists or not but end up saying ‘It is a non-disclosure agreement’. Like amalgamation document; Nnamdi Kanu fraudulently has started another Nigeria in Biafra where one person or few persons can wake up and decide for millions of people they know nothing about. Nnamdi Kanu is making Biafra a laughing stock and too childish for reasonable people to endorse or be part of.

Like Nigerian amalgamation; Nnamdi Kanu has said that before anybody knows about what he signed on behalf of the people, the person must provide amalgamation document, show his DNA result and show us where Nigeria has disclosed to them what they signed on behalf of Nigerians. Like Nigeria like Biafra; not only will it disappoint our heroes that we fought for another Nigeria and abandoned Biafra they died for. With every indication; Nnamdi Kanu is no longer fighting for Biafra but what nobody knows nothing about.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Recently; Indigenous People of Biafra led by Nnamdi Kanu tend to drag Peter Obi to the mud and mislead the public over Ezu River saga. Their stock in trade is character assassination and Peter Obi is on their list, without considering the bond of brotherhood, they are determined to destroy a son of the soil. Uploading pictures of Peter Obi tagged with Ezu River picture to exhuming the memory and accuse him of being responsible for the deaths. What is their mission? To drag Peter Obi to the mud and give his rivals edge over him. “It could be a coincidence because I still don’t believe Nnamdi Kanu is working for Obi’s rivals” their act warranted a renewed investigation into what actually happened in 2013.

On 19th of January 2013; without any major conflict in Anambra state led by Governor Peter Obi, scores of bodies were found afloat Ezu River, an act that attracted outcry of genocide. Activities of MASSOB and the retaliatory measure by the government raised eye-brow over the cause of the deaths. Human rights groups had pointed accusing fingers at Anambra state SARS- anti-robbery outfit that is notorious for extrajudicial killings and MASSOB was later believed to be the victims. There was no official inquiry that confirmed the status of the victims but SARS could not give account of MASSOB members arrested by them and detained in Akwuzu station.

Agitation began for justice; MASSOB demanded justice for their members found afloat Ezu River by writing to Goodluck Jonathan but the state government got involved. Determined to ensure his government found out the truth and serve justice; state government under Peter Obi began comprehensive investigation and helped lobbied the senate to set up a committee of inquiry to look into the matter. Peter Obi cut his foreign trip short because of the saga and was responsible for exhuming all the dead bodies after three were initially exhumed for autopsy. Peter Obi also announced 5million Naira bounty for anyone with useful information that could lead to the cause of the deaths.

Up to a month after the news; MASSOB spokesman, Uchenna Mmadu made a press release claiming the victims were members of MASSOB that were detained at Awkuzu SARS. Prior to this; Andy Uba had moved a motion for inquiry which was led by senate joint committee on police affairs and national security and intelligence chaired by Paulinus Igwe Nwagu and Senator Mohammed Magoro. MASSOB have evidences to prove the victims were members of MASSOB and that would attract international sympathy or Human Rights disciplinary action against Nigeria.

Uchenna Mmadu listed names of MASSOB members that were arrested (Victims of Ezu River) but could not be accounted for by the police. According to senate investigation; the victims were dressed in ‘boxers’ and ‘singlets’ which depict they are prisoners. The autopsy result according to the senate showed the victims were shot to death- a kind of execution by gun which SARS is already notorious for. Anambra state commissioner of police Mr. Nasarawa did all he could to defend the police but facts from MASSOB and investigation convinced otherwise. Nigerian police through SARS was responsible for the murder.

A reliable source that spoke to us during a renewed investigation said

“Scared of international involvement or backlash; Nigerian government exclusively called the IG of police and debriefed him on the need to nip the matter in the bud. The IG called Mr. Nasarawa and told him to do everything possible that he would be rewarded with promotion. He was also told he would be mobilized financially and otherwise to ensure MASSOB didn’t take up the matter to a deteriorating height for the government

“The federal government did not understand the game Mr Peter Obi was playing; announcing 5million Naira reward for information, exhuming all the dead bodies and financing everything showed a different interest from their own. Recall; the dead bodies were buried immediately without the governor’s consent and after the first three autopsy, the doctor said his finding was ‘startling’, so, the governor wanted more because he wanted to get to the root of the matter

“They wanted investigation to come from Abuja because they no longer trust the state government. The senate was given the green light and the state sidelined; this was what actually happened but it did not deter Obi who was determined to know who committed such crime against his people. A lot of things happened but nobody was ready to open up to the public”


A top regional administrator of MASSOB who spoke to us on condition of anonymity narrated how MASSOB was compensated. He regretted ever associating with MASSOB despite investing heavily into the struggle formally championed by MASSOB.

“I have many regrets; I was a rich man when I identified with the struggle but today, I am nobody, I thought it was for our freedom but I noticed something else. We mobilized our youths with hope Biafra will be take but it was politics and movement. I never knew we came to run a movement, boycotting census and protesting, then go back and negotiate or discuss with Nigeria, something like pressuring for something, to some, they pressure for compensation, to some, they pressure to be recognized and some pressure to be paid. I am now old; I cannot go back to the struggle, I am a member of APGA because we started APGA to project restoration of Biafra through politics and that ideology is still with me.

“Our boys arrested in Onitsha region were killed and dumped in Ezu River; that set killed is not the first, they kill them every day, they sell their parts and sometimes sell them whole to ritualists. This Ezu River was opportunity to hold them to account but Uchenna Mmadu was invited by Bala Nasarawa, he took people along, they went and met him, he gave them envelope, how much, Fifty Thousand Naira each. The boys explained to me; the commissioner told him that he wants to see Uwazurike and Uchenna Mmadu said they should talk with him that Uwazurike is not a problem hence he was there.

“The commissioner told them he wants the matter to come to an end because the issue was holding his promotion. He explained to them that they would be compensated hence they boycott the senate committee investigating the matter and avoid taking up the issue beyond the list they have already released that said victims were members of MASSOB. They received the envelope and agreed to have a complete meeting where everybody involved will be in attendance.

“They later met and took the money from the commissioner; they agreed to the terms and the senate was boycotted, Uchenna only insisted on the list and initial statement and that was the end, nothing was done afterwards, they could have sent petition to international human rights organizations, take the matter to court and make some noise. They did not meet the senate and allowed the senate to make up their investigation, concluded what they like and brought it out unchallenged, that was how Ezu River matter died. Nobody talked about it afterwards and you wonder what they are doing in the name of agitation. Uwazurike and all of them are there for their pockets; freedom is taken and not pleaded or protested for.

“They did not allow Peter Obi to do anything even though we were having issue with him then but Nigerian police and their senate hijacked everything, bought everybody and buried the matter. Ezu River ended with MASSOB; Uwazurike and his minister of information Uchenna Mmadu were compensated and the matter was settled amicably. Nobody should involve anybody; the governor and Nigerian government have nothing to do with it. MASSOB was settled and Uchenna Mmadu with Uwazurike took the money and soft pedaled. The senate gave us what they found out; what happened afterwards, SARS continued killing our boys”

Investigation carried out and compiled by Ifeanyi Chijoke



Biafra is the kingdom of God on earth; that is the belief of members and proponents of Biafra and they have also said the spiritual aspect of Biafra is much more than the physical aspect. His Excellency; Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu shared this sentiment when he was alive; in his chronicle of the indestructibility of Biafra, he cited the spiritual aspect of Biafra as one thing that kept it alive and going when every physical action against Biafra was worthy of its death.

Christian prayer warriors have many groups in Biafra and their job is to pray for the restoration of Biafra; they also have traditional believers who consult and offer sacrifices unto God for His mercy and restoration of Biafra. They have the Jewish believers who fast and pray; they offer sacrifices unto God, all to turn His face and look upon them. Biafra is a secular state where the leaders have different religions; Uwazurike is a Christian, while Nnamdi Kanu is a Jewish believer. Uchemefor is a Christian whilst Ben Onwuka is a Traditionist; this goes on with Ekwenche and many leaders.

A segment of the agitators who believe in traditional religion burnt the Bible (Christian’s Holy Book) last year in what was believed to be a protest against Christianity. Recently; the leader of IPOB declared Biafra a Jewish state, a declaration that didn’t go down well with the people because of the diverse religions in Biafra. Nnamdi Kanu has shown signs of dictatorship in the past when he excommunicated leaders within the leadership rank of IPOB and recently forcing his religion on the people without consultations.

This column takes a look at what some prophets have said and are saying about Nnamdi Kanu. In 2016 when the agitation was at its peak; many prophets spoke about the agitation, some said Biafra will be restored while some said it would not be restored. Some spoke about Nnamdi Kanu who is championing the agitation. There were prophets on the side of Nnamdi Kanu but almost all the prophets have said Nnamdi Kanu is not the chosen one to restore Biafra. Despite the divine counsels and prophesies; the people of Biafra have faith in Kanu but most of them said they are waiting for the chosen one before they can leave Kanu.

Pastor Iginla

When Nnamdi Kanu’s home was raided and he disappeared, Pastor Iginla prophesied that the second coming of Nnamdi Kanu will be deadly. He said he saw blood and that there would come a time the government would beg for negotiation but won’t get it. He further urged the government to negotiate with Biafra agitators before time runs out on them because what is coming will be immense.

Nnamdi Kanu later reappeared and what seems to be a failed prophecy was when Nnamdi Kanu said it is election boycott and his civil disobedience. He continued to beg for referendum or election will be boycotted in Biafra land. Nnamdi Kanu earlier on said he would come back with hell only to change subject and started discussing Buhari and other things that have nothing to do with Biafra restoration. The prophecy failed woefully.

Unknown Prophet

A video went viral of a prophet who said Kanu is coming back with fire and brim stone; the prophet who was not known but the prophecy gave him much needed publicity. The prophecy came a time anticipation was high and people waiting for response over the murder of innocent people by Nigerian army that raided Nnamdi Kanu’s home.

Nnamdi Kanu came back and lied initially that he will come back with hell only to show his true nature the following broadcast where he said its referendum or no election and confirmed his willingness to continue with civil disobedience. He has gone on to deescalate by shifting from the restoration agitation to starting up hi-tech farms, constructing roads, employing the people and rehabilitating them in what is more a consolidation than determined agitation. The prophecy failed woefully.

Enugu Based Prophet Nwoko

Last year; I received a call from the prophet who used to be staunch supporter of Nnamdi Kanu but could not make it for his press briefing. Nwoko is part and parcel of Biafra restoration project; giving the needed spiritual boost and help but recently he spoke about Nnamdi Kanu. In a series of press statements released to the public; Nwoko seemed to have taken a swipe and declared God is angry with Nnamdi Kanu.

Nwoko noted Nnamdi Kanu has sinned and offended God; as such he is going nowhere and may get into trouble if he doesn’t hands off Biafra. Nwoke complained that Kanu refused to heed the counsel of heaven and have misled the people to embrace idols and led them into unholy path and as such God has left him. In quote he said “Kanu is a play boy; he has nothing to offer, he cannot restore Biafra”

Prophet Ayodele

The prophet who is the founder INRI Evangelical Church said that Biafra will be restored but Nnamdi Kanu will not lead the restoration, although, he didn’t say who would lead the charge for the restoration of Biafra. He went further to predicting the year Biafra will be restored but the people of Biafra opposed the prophecy.

Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yahuda

Apostle Patrice Ekeke-Yahuda is the author of ‘UPON THE WATCH’ an online column that releases counsel and prophesies to world leaders. The column specializes in directing leaders and telling them the mind of God. Followers of ‘Upon The Watch’ has confessed no prophecy on upon the watch has failed to come to fruition.

Recently; he released a prophetic counsel titled ‘The Leveler Is Coming’ the prophecy highlighted that somebody that will finally restore Biafra will take over from Nnamdi Kanu and he said it shall be through the door of conflict. His prophecy put the final nail on the coffin. He had spent years guiding Kanu until he declared God revealed to him Kanu has sabotaged Biafra.

Prophet Suleiman

The prophet is the founder or Omega Fire Ministries and in one of his notable prophesies, he said that Nnamdi Kanu will be disgraced locally and internationally. The prophecy partially came to fruition when Nnamdi Kanu and his family were disgraced out of the palace but gained international succor in Israel. The wider belief that Kanu sabotaged Biafra may wrap up the disgrace.

High Priest Ralph Eze

The priest is one of the early people that started the agitation for the restoration of Biafra and he has been releasing prophecies. He spoke about Nnamdi Kanu after he noted over the years that somebody would take over from Uwazurike. He indicated that Nnamdi Kanu is the person but while in detention; he met Nnamdi Kanu and told him God said his mission has come to an end. He further said he told Nnamdi Kanu that many people will follow him but he should be careful because he has nothing else to offer again.

Indigenous Priests

Onyinyechukwu Ezeosika started a campaign which brought Indigenous believers together when Nnamdi Kanu succumbed to Jewish faith. Many of the indigenous believers have consulted Dibias and after consultation indicated that Nnamdi Kanu cannot restore Biafra. The one I was opportune to witness said another group is coming to finally restore Biafra and that Nnamdi Kanu’s mission has ended.

Prophesies are to guide the people but when members of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu wake up and say all the prophets hate them because God gave a message they didn’t like, then you know they have gone mad because the gods want to kill them. No single known prophet or prophesy supports or testifies Nnamdi Kanu; they said God has abandoned him.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Old Eastern Nigeria was declared a republic by late Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu in May 1967; the nation lived for three years before federal troops forcefully re-annexed it. His Excellency; Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu released a couple of books insisting that only strategic force can restore Biafra and noted Biafra is held by external influence which thrives on imperialism.

After the war; Old Eastern Region faced repercussion for ever daring to secede and that preceded significant marginalization of the region. The people that owned the territory are called Biafrans and their nation called Biafra. Marginalization and further subjugation of the people ensured the wound of the civil war that re-annexed Biafra did not heal as the people continued to dream of a free land they can aspire without limitation.

In 1999 a freedom fighter was projected by significant men that worked behind the scene by name Chief Ralph Uwazurike. Echoes of war were heard and Biafra once more came into the sub-consciousness of the people; a word considered a taboo later became a fanatic word, the name ‘Biafra’ saturated the territory of Biafra and beyond and the people began to dream again. Belief came back that Biafra can live again but along the line; Chief Ralph Uwazurike was believed to have compromised when he sought after diplomatic measures instead of expected force Ojukwu had and continued to profess till his demise.

Few years after; another leader took over by the name Nnamdi Kanu and supplied Biafra everything Uwazurike could not, ranging from media awareness to international awareness, Radio Biafra station was instrumental to the champion status. The words coming out of the Radio Station was so captivating that the people had no other option but to embrace everything, but little did they know talk is cheap.

Radio Biafra has become the only thing the current leader could muster even when many thought the Radio was a means of communication for what is about to come. The director of the Radio compromised after promising heaven and earth; instead of implement all he said, he dabbled into war of mouth and finally to hi-tech farming, road construction, employment and rehabilitation of the people. Everything he embraced became everything he accused his predecessor of doing and for doing those things made his predecessor a sellout.

Many people came out; sought after the support of the people of Biafra, financially and otherwise but ended up compromising or defrauding them. This column takes a look at the events that happened in 2018.

Osu, Ohu Has Come To An End By Joseph Okechukwu

Joseph Okechukwu engaged in a high powered fraud that can hardly be seen as a fraud by the people when he campaigned for the abolition of Osu and Ohu practice in Biafra land. He sought after the support of the people which he finally got; the support extended to politicians and traditional rulers who brought out funds to making sure the practice comes to an end.

Instead of get to the root of the practice; involve communities, elders and debate his action with the grassroots’ he nonchalantly assembled tradition rulers, Nigerian politicians, bishops and priests who held prayers and made empty declarations and labeled the practice is over while in all the communities, the practice rather gained more reverence. There is no law holding who practices Osu and Ohu, legally or traditionally, nothing happened except publicity stunt where Nigerian national anthem colored a political jamboree.

Biafra Referendum Will Happen This Year

The leadership of IPOB is one that specializes in tasking the people of Biafra and her members through Radio Biafra and their meeting units. Coordinators of every family meeting communicate the decision of the director of Radio Biafra who gives order without checks and balances. In 2018; the leadership of IPOB through its spokesman told the people of Biafra that referendum will be offered to them and urged every member to continue to pay his monthly dues and other levies for the referendum that will give them Biafra. 2018 came and gone but IPOB leadership could not offer any referendum and everything the people contributed were rather diverted into private pockets or allegedly used in maintaining Radio Biafra transmission.

Print Out Of 40 Million Ballot Papers By IPOB

The spokesman of IPOB suddenly made a press release stating that the leadership of IPOB has concluded or concluding the Printing of ballot papers for Biafra Referendum in 2018. This press release caused a wild jubilation across Biafra land that members of IPOB began to hold mock referendum but little did they know IPOB leadership only wanted to bewitch them further. The potency of the bewitchment is constantly giving the people false hope. 2018 has gone and there was no sign of ballot papers and neither did IPOB take picture of the dump or sample of the ballot papers.

Provide Nnamdi Kanu Protest That Led To Deaths, Incarceration

After Operation Python Dance raided Kanu’s home; the leadership of IPOB released a press statement saying that Nnamdi Kanu was killed in the raid. The people of Biafra were further sent out to protest for the release of the corpse of Nnamdi Kanu only to be killed and incarcerated again. The spokesman of IPOB did so much in mounting pressure on the people of Biafra to continue to die for no just cause in the name of protest for Kanu’s release when they knew Kanu was rescued by BSS as he confessed during his re-appearance.

2023 Igbo Presidency

Politicians in an effort to convince the people of Biafra to vote began to say that Muhammadu Buhari has agreed to give Igbos the apex political office in Nigeria, but the political fallout among APC ranks ensured that Saraki disclosed Yoruba is next in line for the seat.

Contribute Defense Fund For Self-defense

The people of Biafra were told to contribute defense fund by the leadership of IPOB for what they termed application of force to end unwarranted killing of the people. Fund was raised but IPOB finally said there won’t be anything force because of saboteurs. Instead, hi-tech farming, road construction, employment and rehabilitation became the deal. No defense, people continued to die and echoes of joining politics littered the floor.

More frauds took place in 2018

To be continued

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



If there is anything Nigerian military love, it is killing the people of Biafra simply because they are without arms and cannot defend themselves. Reports saturated of how soldiers go to witches and wizards for charm to curry favor of being posted to the South- Biafra land. Those posted in oil producing states of Biafra like Imo, Rivers and the rest make more money through bunkering while those in Abia, Enugu and other places show their military prowess, storming homes of members of IPOB like Sambisa forest, shooting carelessly and finally arresting Shakau in IPOB coordinators.

Soldiers are deployed to the North; they write their will while some abscond, Mobile Police protest, cite their constitutional duties, fighting armed terrorists in the North is not part of their job but killing unarmed terrorists in the South is a worthy mission. As soon as Operation Python Dance III was announced; it became clear it’s another season of bloodletting. Members of IPOB must save enough money for burial and hospital bills, because the Python is out to dance.

Few days ago; I got a call from a friend who reported that Operation Python Dance III has commenced and a coordinator of IPOB was picked up in Mpkolo Abia state. Nigerian army stormed the home of a member of IPOB with fifteen Hilux vans and opened fire before arresting the coordinator. His children and wife watched helplessly; shedding tears and asking God why he let such day to dawn. I could not imagine the sound of AK47, the tension and trauma the family of the coordinator went through. The army might waste him or detain him; whatever decision taken, a terrorist is a terrorist and nobody will question any decision. IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu can only take pictures, shout on social media and in few days; the widow will be roaming the streets scampering for what her children will eat.

My friend that called asked a question “What are we going to do, are we going to watch things go on like this?” the question hit a negative cord in me. Operation Python Dance started just the very time Nnamdi Kanu made it clear that he is going into hi-tech farming, road construction, employment and empowerment of our people. People may continue to see Nnamdi Kanu as the cause of the operation but indicating that his people would go into hi-tech farming, create employment, construct roads and empower them is a direct message they should leave the struggle for something achievable. A member of IPOB still agitating and going to meeting is risking his life for absolutely nothing. Should the army pick you up; you have yourself to blame, stay at home and wait for the employment, farming and road construction which will only contribute to building a new Nigeria and economy of Nigeria.

The army should not be blamed as well; Biafra is not a child’s play, those that started the struggle can tell you that when Biafra is mentioned, war is the next that comes, force is part and parcel of Biafra, so when you shout Biafra and Operation Python Dance visits, it’s very normal, what is left of you is, ensure you can defend yourself and your ability to defend yourself is the restoration of Biafra. This reckoning could not be implemented by Nnamdi Kanu but instead of declare his resignation; he decided to toy with the people via hi-tech farming, construction of roads and employment. Nnamdi Kanu has long given up on Biafra and the consequence is; Nigerian military will continue to slaughter our people without self-defense. Nnamdi Kanu can be charged with criminal conspiracy according to Malcolm X for influencing the people to avoid self-defense when they are sustained target of genocide. The line of action for the people of Biafra is self-defense; they contributed defense fund for it but the money may have likely gone into individual pockets and being helplessly arrested and incarcerated is unavoidable.

The first thing is to pity victims of Operation Python Dance III but the right thing is to call for the due action; when Biafra is mentioned, self-defense should be the destination of every Biafran shouting Biafra. At this point; a leader that cannot guarantee self-defense cannot restore Biafra and likely to find himself in hi-tech farming, construction, employment and rehabilitation. The people of Biafra must look beyond their emotion and understand that self-defense is the key to staying alive in this struggle for the restoration of Biafra.

The blood of our people will continue to flow if we fail to defend our lives; until self-defense which is better served on attack is carried out, the people will continue to die in the hands of Nigerian army. It is better to join Nnamdi Kanu; go out of the agitation and start a new mission of hi-tech farming, road construction, rehabilitation and employment of our youth than waste our lives on agitation that has been technically compromised by him.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Before I expertly go into this very topic; let me bring to your notice that a man first gets a land before fighting for a mat because without a land, there won’t be anywhere to lay your mat even if you get it. When somebody that has been in a fight for so long suddenly decides to start rehabilitation; it automatically means he has given up or negotiated for de-escalation. After all these years of death; incarceration, torture and many more, IPOB has now embraced rehabilitation, farming and construction, even employing Biafrans in the same Nigeria, under Nigerian law and order. This process usually comes at the end of every agitation, fight or revolution. Nnamdi Kanu IPOB has not officially announced the end to the agitation; but how long can they fool our people?

The first question to come to your mind is; if we employ all our youth, who will continue the fight for our freedom? Of course; freedom fighting is a business that needs every attention one can muster, now when the leader of BSS is employed in our hi-tech farming, who would defend our nation? It is very clear that Nnamdi Kanu has come to an end of his agitation and rehabilitation is the next step. Construct the roads Nigerian government destroyed, re-employ our youth that lost their jobs for the struggle and re-engage them. This was the simple message that came after Nnamdi Kanu snapped a picture with a staff who commonly works in an MP’s office. The member of the Israeli parliament would have strategically avoided meeting him because diplomacy is not a loud-mouth business.

Meanwhile; let me define ‘staff’- a staff is an employee of a business- that was whom Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of IPOB, an organization in over 88 countries took alleged official diplomatic picture with. He went further and posted this picture on his twitter handle for the world to see and termed it a diplomatic offensive. This diplomatic offensive of snapping picture with a staff of a business or person is what IPOB tends to use and achieve a sovereign nation. Taking this agitation to the mud and taking our people for granted is quite annoying. We have lost so many lives to come to this; we have lost materials and careers, joking with this agitation pain me to the bone marrow.

I took time criticizing the picture and the message therein and found out that one problem with IPOB leadership is they are confident of their member’s support even though they decide to negotiate Biafra and sell it. This confidence is as a result of the fact that the people so much love Biafra and emotionally going about it. The people have been tutored to believe the leadership of IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu is infallible and anything they do is nothing but absolute. As such; hi-tech farming, employment and road construction making up the new phase of Biafra agitation is the right drive to freedom.

Don’t be offended; Biafra land is under the control of Nigerian government; as such, everything that will happen will be subjected to the law or according to the constitution of Federal Republic Of Nigeria. By setting up hi-tech farming, constructing roads and employing our youth, IPOB under the leadership of Nnamdi Kanu is purely riding on the back of a new Nigeria that will cushion Biafrans to feel relaxed and make Nigeria worth living for them. Whatsoever Nnamdi Kanu do for Biafra under Nigeria is for Nigeria and benefit of Nigeria. Only independence can make a difference for Biafra; any man that says hi-tech farming, employment, road construction, rehabilitation and empowerment under Nigeria has given up on Biafra. He doesn’t necessarily need to come to you and say “Sorry; you sang Nnamdi Kanu is another savior but I am not a savior” he is a human being, he has pride, we put him in a high place that jumping down is now a big problem. We also have to take the blame; we trusted a man like he is God, we placed all our hope on him to the extent now losing hope will amount to suicide.

  • What are we even saying? So the Federal Government of Nigeria will watch IPOB; a group their constitution labeled terrorists and treated like terrorists build roads, build hi-tech farming, employ youth, empower youth and construct? The reality is not only has IPOB lost their bearing but their senses. ‘Like play like play’ IPOB will contract Niger Cat, pay them and they start constructing Enugu-Onitsha express way. ‘ Like play like play’ IPOB will take over the responsibility of the government and Nigerian government would fold arms and watch a terrorist group employ, build hi-tech farming and do everything contained in that white flag press release? Something IPOB should have started before agitating for Biafra; they brought it after agitating for Biafra. The rain is just starting to drench us; we can do something now and retain our momentum!

Finally; let me take you down the memory lane, when Uwazurike got tired and felt Biafra is not possible at a given time, he ordered MASSOB to start securing our land as security men. MASSOB started with tax to use and build Biafra land, they went into major markets and started tax collection. MASSOB started to mediate; people quarrel and instead of police, they go to MASSOB office to complain. MASSOB ensured sanitation days are maintained and tried to rehabilitate, construct and discipline our people. We know what it later became. Like MASSOB like IPOB….

Today; Nnamdi Kanu has thrown in the towel, IPOB is to start rehabilitating our people, employing them, constructing roads and farming business, and I don’t know what else you need to know it is high time serious freedom fighters moved on from Nnamdi Kanu. It is time we forgot there was anything like Nnamdi Kanu regime and build on his successes or we go down with him and lose the momentum Biafra gained through our sweat and blood. Biafra is now or never; if we miss it now, we cannot get it any other time.

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Abuja



Throughout the last days of 2018; social media was buzzing, the people of Biafra shouting they are yet to see the fulfillment of the prophecy that said Nnamdi Kanu will be disgraced in 2018 by prophet Suileman. Nigerian pastors are fond of releasing yearly prophesies cum predictions which sometimes come to fulfillment and sometimes failed. The act of releasing yearly prophesies has become a norm which undermines the virtue of prophets.

Prophesy is now being taken for granted by the people due to the overzealousness of many Nigerian pastors that want to be in the spotlight. Further assessment has proven they engage more in predictions than prophesies but that does not in any shape or form stops God from talking to his genuine prophets. Yet ; it has poisoned the heart the people and inflicted disbelief on them, doubt sprouts when a prophet makes a prophesy.

Of all the 2018 prophesies and predictions; among Biafrans, the one that received more attention was the disgrace Nnamdi Kanu was supposed face in 2018. The people of Biafra despite the situation facing the leader and the agitation claimed Nnamdi Kanu has not been disgraced while few that believe Nnamdi Kanu was disgraced have refused to publicly argue the effectiveness of the prophecy/prediction.

We cannot know if Nnamdi Kanu was disgraced unless the situation of the leader of IPOB has been critically assessed. This singular act is something members of IPOB and her sympathizers have refused to put into practice- self-criticism, can only make them better. They passionately embraced false hope and propaganda; holding them so closely, knowing that truth is what they cannot afford to swallow. The leaders of IPOB have failed to help the people; afraid of their pride being hurt and losing the trust or confidence of the people, they cannot tell them truth or direct their path to honesty.

The claim from IPOB quarter that their leader was not disgraced has been interpreted as sheer foolishness or deliberate cover up act by the other camp. We must be able to define ‘disgrace’ before we can arrive at the very point of the argument between the two camps. Disgrace is not necessarily when a man steals a cube of sugar in a market, got beaten and stripped naked. Disgrace varies from status to class; should the president of a country find himself in prison tomorrow, it’s a disgrace whilst that same prison is a thing of pride for freedom fighters.

Was Nnamdi Kanu Disgraced?

The leader of Indigenous People of Biafra is a Prince and in Igbo culture; a Prince who is an heir to the throne wields authority and certain things are forbidden or considered a taboo to him, there are things that can happen and cannot happen to him. An heir to a throne is always the last man standing because he carries the future of the kingdom.

The worst disgrace that can befall a Prince is exile; being forced out of his palace/kingdom without even putting up a fight to protect his dignity. Last year; Nigerian army conducted an operation that saw the leader of Shiite molested and disgraced. That same operation was conducted against Nnamdi Kanu which saw a king’s palace rained with bullets and deserted afterwards. The aspect of the disgrace is not really that the operation was conducted but the leader of IPOB despite everything IPOB spokesman said, despite all the leader said, the threats and vows, the army had a smooth ride, killing scores and the leader of IPOB was helpless, smuggled out like a lame man and left the entire Biafra land to a strange land where he continued his war of mouth. All these happened without him putting up a fight; opening the eyes of people that it has been a war of mouth and nothing concrete was on ground (Egbe Onu). We will match, destroy the zoo, kill Buhari, defense fund, BSS, commander of army, etc, na all wash, egbe onu!

IPOB Defence

Members of IPOB have refused to admit that their leader was disgraced; they have no argument whatsoever as living a false life has become a normal life. To me; I am ashamed that IPOB leader could not fight back. It is a disgrace that after all we said on Radio Biafra and elsewhere, the army came and we were empty handed, we were molested, killed like flies and all our leader could offer was a run, running like a fugitive till he got to Israel where he is today cooling off his feet. The disgrace is so blatant to even argue anywhere.

The bigger disgrace remains that almighty palace in Afaraukwu Ibeku where we go our pilgrimage has been deserted, deserted without putting up a fight, deserted without any shred of resistance, and deserted without any atom of pride left in us. Not only were we bottled and kept silent; Biafra insignia deserted the streets, we were treated like common criminals, we were shot like terrorists and labeled terrorists.

What is your own definition of Disgrace? The situation of our leader and everything that happened without us putting up a fight is my definition of disgrace!

Ifeanyi Chijioke Writes From Enugu



Few days ago; I received Radio Biafra London podcast from the anchor or director of Radio Biafra International, a good friend of mine. The podcast contained an outburst from Nnamdi Kanu against Ralph Uwazurike, he argued that Uwazurike is the problem of Biafra restoration and must be sufficiently dealt with while Emma Mmezu was of the idea he should let him be while IPOB faces its agenda. Nnamdi Kanu countered him; stating Biafra cannot be actualized if Uwazurike was not neutralized and made to be hated among the Biafran populace. His reasons were that Uwazurike mingle with politicians, lie to our people in the name of peaceful agitation when he knows only strategic force can restore Biafra.

‘Vulture will feed on the carcass of Uwazurike’ the phrase littered Radio Biafra London until the people of Biafra got convinced that Uwazurike betrayed the struggle. There was no evidence to buttress the accusation but everything pointed towards that fact. We needed no prophet to tell us that Uwazurike’s heart no more burns for Biafra. I stood with Nnamdi Kanu back then; everything he said was right and must be the basis of future argument. If eventually I see Nnamdi Kanu doing what Ralph Uwazurike did; I have no option but believe he has also betrayed Biafra. I don’t need evidence now Kanu has embraced everything he accused Uwazurike that made him a saboteur.

I had a brief argument with my friend and promised him I would digress on the topic via my column. I demanded from my friend to list things that made Uwazurike a ‘sell out’ I was determined to force it out of him but he recoiled, wouldn’t list them because everything Uwazurike did is what Nnamdi Kanu is today doing but because of Radio Biafra mass communication, Nnamdi Kanu is able to continue to hold his fall. Uwazurike had no means of reaching the people to counter or launder his name; so everything absorbed and reason prevailed. Nnamdi Kanu is able to continue to lie his way to safety because of Radio Biafra.

Let us check what Uwazurike did that led to his fall and compare them to what Nnamdi Kanu is doing today which has left him on precipice. The under-listed things were factors or facts that convinced us that Uwazurike was a ‘sell out’ which Nnamdi Kanu today has with equal proportion.

Uwazurike started well and vowed to fight for the restoration of Biafra in a raw manner that would warrant confronting Nigeria by setting up security or armed wings.

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu also started well, took oaths and vowed that he would fight for the restoration of Biafra, either the flag of Biafra is flying or he is in the grave. He would confront Nigerian states; he set up security or armed wings. His own was blatant that he asked for guns and bullets; his only option was that very force that would restore Biafra.

Uwazurike solicited for funds and billions of Dollars and Naira was gotten; Uwazurike promised to use the money and prepare against Nigeria but when the time came, he shouted on top of his voice that his agitation is a peaceful one, which believes in civil disobedience and direct confrontation, leading to census boycott, protest and processions.

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Nnamdi Kanu solicited for guns and bullets before World Igbo Congress and elsewhere; billions of Dollars and Naira was gotten. Nnamdi Kanu promised to use it and destroy the zoo but when the time came, he shouted that IPOB is a peaceful organization its modus oprandi involves civil disobedience, direct confrontation, leading to election boycott, protest and processions

Uwazurike was imprisoned and given conditional bail; he came out and changed his ideology or everything he preached, talking about Biafra of diplomacy, local and international politics, giving up on anything like confrontation.

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu was imprisoned and given conditional bail; he came out and changed his ideology or everything he preached, talking about Biafra of diplomacy and international politics, giving up on anything confrontation with flimsy reasons such as not yet time to match, we have saboteurs and we need international help.

Uwazurike had bosom Yoruba and Hausa Friends who seemed to be part of his agitation; fighting for and with him, they also influence him. Uwazurike flaunt his Nigerian friends and invite them to his place. He also visit politicians and discuss with them.

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu has bosom Yoruba friends; Femi-Fani Kayode is more than a friend who has also fought for and with Kanu. Femi-Fani Kayode is also a top top Nigerian politician who has access to many Nigerian politicians that influences Kanu through him. Kanu sleep and dine with FFK in his home amidst other politicians he invited. He also paid for lawyers for Hausa prisoners to show the spirit of one Nigeria.

Uwazurike said he can only peacefully get Biafra through diplomacy and politics, involving local politics. What he did was protest and boycott because Biafra cannot win any confrontation with Nigeria according to him

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu said he can only peacefully get Biafra through diplomacy and international politics but avoided local politics. What he does is protest and boycott because he believes Biafra cannot win any confrontation due to internal sabotage.

Uwazurike said it was not time to confront Nigeria as he went ahead soliciting funds and using them for maintenance of the structures of the MASSOB struggle

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu also said time has not come to confront Nigeria as he goes about soliciting and demanding contributions for the maintenance of the structures of IPOB struggle.

Uwazurike suspended people with different ideas in MASSOB and labeled them criminals which led to physical attack and murder of those people.

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu suspended people with different ideas and removed them from IPOB after character assassinating them which led to attack in some cases. People like Cosmos Gorge and Akpangbo were attacked for having different ideas.

Uwazurike was interested in Nigerian politics; playing active role to ensure a particular person gets re-elected

Verse Nnamdi Kanu

Kanu plays passive politics; example, taking advantage of the death of Muhammadu Buhari to influence election that would usher in Atiku. Mingling with FFK to finding solution to the problem of Nigeria, to the point Kanu mentioned ‘government of national unity’

To be continued….

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja



In a normal circumstance; the leader of IPOB would call a meeting of Directorate of States and ask for their views and solution. They would air their views and knowing there would be diverse views, internal vote is likely to happen and unanimous decision will be taken. After their decision; they would open up Radio Biafra platform for those that will die to decide further what they want. Firstly; radio Biafra anchor would ask the people which way to deal with Governor Okezie Ikpeazu. Their views or votes will be collated and assessed; of course, for being our foot soldiers, they worth it.

95% of IPOB effective or influential leaders are based abroad; this makes it more comfortable for them to take suicidal decisions because they will not directly be affected. The event that led to the character assassination of Clifford Iroanya, Emma Mmezu, Omiomio and others has made it harder for IPOB to get the best out of her. Who would have the morale to question a decision from a man behind the microphone to the benefit of the struggle when Clifford and others tried it only to be attacked and excommunicated from the very IPOB they built from the scratch. Disrupt the campaign; it’s an order that even Directorates cannot question.

Disrupt Okezie Ikeazu campaign and kill anybody supporting him. I am in support of this move, our political class has failed us and our governors connived with our enemies to further enslave us. What I am not in support of remains asking our gallant men and women to sacrificially die in the name of disrupting campaign. I am determined that these men die standing, they should die men and being conscious of the value of their lives, they should die defending their own lives and not the other way round. Few among them have called me out but refused to call out their leader who in far away Israel sacrifice them like Christmas chicken. The difference between me and the leader of IPOB is value; our men should die with value.

While I cannot waste my time to listen to Radio Biafra rant of unmasking Buhari and cacophonous broadcast, I at least read quotes from our humble followers of Radio Biafra. The first quote I came across was Nnamdi Kanu saying he doesn’t drink or smoke because he prays always. The second quote was defenseless people of Biafra should disrupt Okezie Ikpeazu campaign, a man with troops of happy-trigger murderers.

From indication; Nnamdi Kanu knew he had lost common sense but wants to abreast his command with spirituality. If he prays a lot; then God must have commanded him to order the people of Biafra to defenselessly disrupt Okezie Ikpeazu campaign because such confrontation can only come from a mad man. Let no one blame the people that would move to disrupt Okezie Ikpeazu campaign; they are gullible Bafrans that have chosen death than remain in Nigeria. They are brave men; heroes and great men that will be remembered for their inordinate sacrifice.

Nnamdi Kanu is telling Okezie Ikpeazu; ‘released those Jewish believers or you kill more of them and the world will take note. Of course, you know me, I am Nnamdi Kanu, I can command more people to die in your hands, the state will be filled with the blood of Biafrans, and it’s not my blood or those of IPOB leaders but innocent people of Biafra. We will scatter Abia state and make things uncomfortable for you; you will get tired of killing them because I have the key to unlock them for the slaughter. To avoid such situation; release those Jewish protesters, you cannot hurt my pride by not releasing them or I will do what I have threatened and you will know how crazy I can be for Biafra.

It is a command and control structure but while to disrupt Okezie Ikpeazu campaign has been ordered, I will love to see real men in front. I will like to see Prince Darlington, our indomitable African Rep. national coordinator and other cordinators, the new leader of BSS and many more leaders. These leaders should not only snap pictures with white men and political leaders. They should not only collect monthly dues and rant on radio Biafra. They should come here and lead the disruption and take pictures in front of the battle. I am not in support of this defenseless disruption and won’t be there but as many as support this disruption should endeavor to be there.

I am hopeful that as soon as we are able to disrupt Okezie Ikpeazu campaign; the world will take notice of that singular act and give us date for our referendum. IPOB diplomatic team is doing a great job; you must do what you were told to do and leave the rest for the team. Just talk to your families; tell them Biafra is the reason you live, go to Okezie Ikpeazu campaign ground and receive the bullet of Biafra and die peacefully. We in IPOB are disciplined to a fault; Nnamdi Kanu remains the chosen one to restore Biafra and any day we refused to do what he commanded, Biafra will never come again. Show your wives where they will bury you; show her the kind of man you like to keep her warm in your eternal absence, do it, shut up, don’t murmur, don’t ask question, just disrupt the campaign and defenselessly receive the holy bullet of Biafra.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja



And questions begun to come in; who is that ‘Prince’ Nostradamus prophesied because our leader who is a prince from Afaraukwu Ibeku didn’t possess characters of the very Prince Nostradamus saw in his prophesy. Of course; Nostradamus made it clear the ‘Prince’ shall be the envy of other Princes, first glance at the situation, our leader who is a Prince was chased away from his palace, humiliated by soldiers, his king and queen nowhere to be found. He got smuggled out into a far away country where he enjoys asylum- a self imposed exile. No Prince let alone Princes will envy such Prince and as such; Prince Nnamdi Kanu who was chased away from his land is not the Prince Nostradamus prophesied.

We have had many Princes that tried to champion this agitation; during the time of MASSOB; we had late Prince Orjiakor, a strong man who tried to use media and lift the struggle but could not. We also have other Princes in Biafra who came out for the struggle; this does not mean they are the prophesied ‘Prince’. That a prince in the person of Nnamdi Kanu succeeded where Prince Orjiakor failed does not make him the Nostradamus ‘Prince’. This, further, was testament to the fact that Nnamdi Kanu failed to be the envied Prince; in his current situation that put him on the run, one can only pity him and not envy him. The situation he found himself is what happens when ambition is not checked and balanced; our ambitious John De Baptist has put himself in a tight corner.

It isn’t surprising that the message of Biafra reached the whole world through Nnamdi Kanu; microphone was a great instrument. The idea of Radio Biafra is divine one and the purpose has long been achieved; the fate of the kingdom of God does not rest on the shoulders of man to avoid anybody taking glory of the Creator who created His people and gave His kingdom unto them. Our John De Baptist has misled the people; making the restoration of Biafra even harder which is what happens when John De Baptist becomes ambitious. He preached wrongly to the people; he told the people only he can do the job, he told them it is my group or no other group, he told them others are saboteurs, he has come to restore Biafra instead of truly saying he came to prepare the way for another and being our John De Baptist that came to prepare the way, the people listened and followed, now who would bring back the people to the good path?

For brotherly disagreement or opposing positive view; Emma Mmezu, Clifford Iroanya, Omiomio…. were not only taken out but character assassinated- called common criminals and saboteurs. The voice of our John De Baptist was loud, we heard and we turned confidently against our brothers and called them criminals, assassinated their names and put their lives at risk. That is the negative power of our John De Baptist; ambition corrupted everything. Nobody talks to our ambitious John De Baptist; of course, he has preached the gospel and manipulated the people into believing no other savior is coming, he has convinced them he is the savior and they relied on him because he was our John De Baptist.

He comes to the public and shout; ‘If thou knoweth what doth thee that Biafra may come; let thee doth’. That same mouth shouts do not trust any other person or group because Nigerian government has bought them against Biafra restoration IPOB is working on. That same lips label brothers saboteurs because they have different view. That same character internally or discreetly demand oath of submission or someone is opposed by any means possible. That same character conducts spiritual sacrifices against any other that may rise above it to restore Biafra. That same character preached the people to believe only IPOB under him will or can restore Biafra. That same character said that nobody or group will ever be like his when he leaves but little did he know God is in control of the restoration of his kingdom.

Our ambitious John De Baptist has prepared the way but the way of destruction; he has done a massive massive job for Biafra, ambition (Satan) has come in but God will give us victory. The Gospel is preached but ambition has blinded the preacher. The preacher was called a savior and given glory; he fears to lose that glory and work that no other light may shine even when his light is not enough to illuminate the kingdom. He comes to the people in the day like an angel but he is a Devil when the night falls; he talks to them like dove in the day, but when the night falls, he is a vulture in search of carcass. The people have given him wings to fly; on the wings, his confidence skyrocketed and to him, no one can take anything away from him.

When John De Baptist becomes the Jesus that is to come; Jesus may never come or has to break through thick barriers to come. When Jesus is opposed by his John De Baptist; the people suffer and salvation is delayed but in the end, what shall be shall be. Our John De Baptist has preached the gospel; even the gospel of being the one, but it is high time we thought of the path and consider the miles we have gone. It is high time we stopped looking for self aggrandizement, stopped being where glitters because not all that glitters is gold. Biafra is an unrefined gold that only true independence can refine; it doesn’t shine and needs men to work in its vineyard.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja