#And synthetic wreath of rose lay on the grave of Okeke

#Died in May, in the struggle for the restoration of Biafra

#Few days to another May; men flaunt beauties and sex videos

#His holy murderers; intoxicated by beauties and high on wine

#Okeke’s journey to mother earth accompanied betrayal by a swine

#Looketh his widow the beauties that send bitterness down her spine

#Have they not abandoned the fight Okeke gave his life for?

#Man’s insensitivity against his conscience as thick as fur

#Okeke’s widow has no beauty to flaunt; her man gone

#Like Egyptian artisans; they sculpture lies, forgot our mission

#Okeke paid the ultimate price without speck of consideration

#Who shall mourn Okeke’s death with her widow and only son?

#Those to mourn with her, lost to euphoria of beauties and sex

#Has the gods made us mad and with a kiss of death in exchange?

#Where shall we find solace; where shall Okeke’s widow hide?

#Her husband was fooled; he died believing men were out for all

#Indeed; men were out for sex videos, couples private challenge

#Tomorrow; may the wise go out there to protest or fight under command

#Okeke’s widow is but the greatest lesson of this end

#After #CouplesPrivateChallenge; who knows next when you are gone

#The world is filled with holiness and Godly betrayal

#Indeed; after our deaths comes time to display sex and beauty



Dear Sir;

I vowed not to react to the sex video of you that is trending; reasons being that it is against our culture to expose the sexual activity of a couple. I consulted and urge sources of the video to immediately take it down; although I failed, I was proud of the fact I publicly condemned the video until you reacted. I further urged people to renounce circulating the video as it stands against everything moral and moral sex but I was a fool. Your sex video is not part of the battle for the restoration and neither is it a battle against the restoration, it is clearly a moral issue. I was inevitably made a fool after your reaction; I should not have condemned it because it was your plan. Protest gone, referendum gone, election boycott gone, you wanted to raise another issue and here comes #CouplesPrivateChallenge.

Everything changed yesterday when I saw a tweet from you; the tweet did not show remorse or expressed mistake for an indigenous leader of your status to record your legal sexual activity in a device. I was disappointed with those that uploaded the video but it appears more or less you orchestrated the publicity to show us how beautiful your wife and possibly divert attention. Shakespeare would call it a subtle thrust; like Lucrece whom her husband admonished before the king and the king went for her. Having seen the nudity of your wife; you tweeted how beautiful she is; Buhari must be aware of that before considering the outcome of your case. This is by the way. Your tweet gave a different impression; promoting the video, making it right, telling those you lead that it is the way to show the beauty of one’s wife.

I will maintain my position not to react to the said video as such; my open letter is a reaction to your tweet. You have directly praised the video as if nothing is wrong with it; I can understand you followed the footsteps of your online dogs. On another hand; you wanted to show you are not touched or concerned, lest your rivals will say they have caught you, but in truth, you are a man most miserable. Let me remind you that you are from Igbo speaking part of Biafra, you are championing indigenous course and you must be indigenously rooted.

A grandfather of 90years in Biafra land was told about your video and he wept; he shouted in a loud voice “Alu emee”. He made it clear that in our culture and tradition; a married woman’s nudity is not supposed to be made public, let alone that of indigenous leader’s wife and their marital rite. He was telling me of how curse will be laid on those that made it public until you praised the video and the beauty of your wife’s nudity. The old man slumped and asked what is wrong with your sense; he concluded you cannot be a leader because generations are looking up to you. As an indigenous leader; it is also your duty to uphold indigenous culture, tradition and belief but in this case, you have lost the backing of the gods and ancestors.

In the absence of the elder; let me disclose things you might not be aware of in our land, every leader is a role model and we cannot afford to uploading sex videos and praising them. Sex is a sacred thing irrespective of how much civilization has destroyed it. In our tradition; if one’s wife sleeps with another man and the husband is aware of it, if she cooks for the husband and he eats, the man will die or be cursed by the gods of the land, weather you are a Christian or Muslem. This is to show you how much the gods consider sex.

While a white man may enjoy uploading his sexual act with his wife as part of civilization; in Biafra land, it is a taboo to making such thing public and anybody that supports that has a date with the gods. You are becoming not only a nuisance but destroying our culture in the capacity of leadership. Men have followed you to start uploading theirs and soon, in Biafra land, uploading sexual activities of couples will be considered fair and normal. This is because the devil is using you to destroy our culture and the way of our forefathers. With this; I can clearly see a man and a woman getting married under a Biafra restored by you; I can see a lot of evil coming upon our people, God forbid that Biafra became a curse unto us.

I am very disappointed in you Nnamdi Kanu; first and foremost, you were supposed to admit that it is wrong to post a couple’s sexual act, this is to serve as a pointer to the coming generation that our culture prohibits this, but a time you praise the act, I wonder the effect. Let me make it clear to the people of Biafra; we have a culture to protect, we fight for Biafra based on the culture of egbe belu ugo belu, everything that brought us to talk about Biafra is anchored on our culture. Let no one lead you into destruction of any kind; let nobody justify the nude video of his wife and lead you astray. Let nobody be allowed to destroy our culture in the name of being a leader.

An apology for leaving a sex video in a device and laying a curse on those that made it public was the right move. But as you have chosen to right this wrong that threatens our culture that is founded on morality, you shall forever partake in the curse of destroying our culture and the ways of our forefather. You teach our generation evil; you endorse immoral act in our land. The land you match on will right the wrong you promote but not without a price.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Enugu



By the time the next champion of Biafra agitation takes over to finally restore Biafra; Nnamdi Kanu in his retirement will be a symbol of justice that shall give credence the champion. Wherever he may be at that moment; in the prison, in exile or at home, everybody would remember his effort to peacefully restore Biafra which would justify the armed nature of the successor, Nigeria will also regret responding violently to his peaceful approach, invading his home; threatening his life, arresting his parents and subjecting him and his parents to trauma, chasing him out of his father’s palace, and making him a fugitive, all because he wanted to be civil and avoid the language Nigeria speaks. He has run to UK; where he today speaks on his peace-loving radio as a man who lost a fight and went back to words.

Nnamdi Kanu has proven that Nigeria hates peace and for any agitation to be fruitful; agitators must apply force, in summary, Nigeria by then would have justified armed struggle. There is every tendency that Biafra will usher in massive conflict because of the determination of the agitators. FG maybe drawing the curtain that it is over but little did they know agitation for the restoration of Biafra is ordinarily beginning. The people of Biafra have been imbedded in the ideology of Biafra and like I always note; nothing can stop the fruition of an ideology it’s time has come. Time for Biafra that berthed in 1967 has come and nobody can stop the irreversible tsunami.

By the time the inevitable will dawn on Nigeria; there won’t be a place to hide, it will be an all out situation, they have blown every opportunity they had to peacefully or civilly address the matter. The world will always look at Nnamdi Kanu before looking at the next champion that took a different road. They would look at the situation of Nnamdi Kanu who believed, waited and obeyed Nigerian law to always be peaceful and law-abiding. After looking at Nnamdi Kanu; there won’t be another option left if not to justify the actions of the new champion who shall restore Biafra with strength and pride.

By then, you would remember how Nnamdi Kanu tried his best to please Nigeria; lifted election boycott to maintain peace, gave up everything he said on radio Biafra, betrayed his own words, lied to make sure Biafra was peacefully addressed, met Southeast governors and spent three days in the home of a Yoruba man (FFK) and he signed, sealed and got delivered document. He denied himself and embezzled defense fund contributed to engage in self-defense which could trigger full blown conflict. He did all that but still got swallowed by Nigeria; his arrest was ordered, his life was targeted to be taken and he lost everything for being peaceful.

In ensuring peace was maintained; his members were killed in Aba, Onitsha, Porthacourt, Enugu, Delta, Akwaibom etcetera, and he did nothing, he carried his members and buried. Thousands are still incarcerated and forced to disappear and he did nothing, all in a bit to ensure there was peace and he obeyed the laws of Nigeria. He disbanded BSS after he was accused of setting up illegal army for mutiny or to overthrow Buhari. He has denied even IPOB members that involved in any violent activity and has made it clear that he is a peaceful freedom fighter. Nnamdi Kanu has swallowed everything; he has endured the cowardice tag to making sure he answers Mr Peace but Nigeria denied him peace.

Nigeria is still looking for the head of Nnamdi Kanu; they have ordered for his re-arrest and raided his home to destroy his life, what else can he do for Nigeria to understand he is ordinarily a dissent voice? He has time without number noted his only weapon is his radio Biafra but FG insisted on his head.

The next champion cannot see all that happened to Nnamdi Kanu and toe a path of peace because peace is alien to Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu’s treatment will be a flash point that will always justify whatsoever the next champion will come up with in terms of self-defense. For everything done to Nnamdi Kanu shall harden the heart of the next champion; this is why Nnamdi Kanu deserve to be carefully treated. Boko Haram lost its peaceful leader and met a vampire. Nnamdi Kanu has finished his mission and has been used as example for the incoming champion. Nobody will blame Biafra led by the successor; a Biafra soaked in strength, a Biafra standing on its feet, a Biafra ready to defend its life, a Biafra jealous of the lives of its people and a Biafra not ready to tolerate illegality on the premise that self-determination is inalienable right of the people.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Enugu