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The trio of Provincial Adjutants in defunct Enugu state held a joint emergency meet immediately reports were relayed from Emene community in Enugu-East about the extra-judicial killing of over twenty-five (25) unarmed young Biafran men and women by combined armed forces of the occupying Nigeria government.

The reports received by the Adjutants stated that the murdered Biafran youths whom are mostly Judaists were having their weekly prayer and exercise on the grounds of the Emene Community High School when they were attacked by the occupying Nigeria armed forces comprising of soldiers, air force personnel, the police and operatives of State Secret Service on Sunday, 23rd August, 2020.

The attack on these innocent Biafrans at the early hours of the day caused chaos and stampede as gunshots and teargas fumes filled the air between the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and St. Patrick’s Secondary School along the old Abakaliki Road.

There is no doubt that the occupying armed forces had directives to engage in a premeditated massacre as war-like bullets, armoured personnel carriers and RPGs were freely used on innocent and defenseless people.

The premises of St. Patrick’s Secondary School and adjourning area flowed with blood as the fleeing youths were pursued into the streets, even as scores of Catholic faithful who were attending the morning Mass were not spared.

The callous and unjustifiable killings of unarmed Biafrans is masterminded by the occupying terrorist Nigeria government in order to cower us from exercising our right to self-determination.

The Adjutants described defunct Enugu governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as a coward and his irresponsible attitude is tantamount to treachery. Ugwuanyi prefers to shed crocodile tears and pose for photoshoot after his people are slaughtered than to unravel the truth surrounding such callousness.

The defunct state Commissioner of Police, Ahmad AbdurRahman has shown that he is a strong exponent of discrimination, hate and crude policing against the people of Biafra. After shooting at the helpless and defenseless civilians, the dead bodies were carted away and those injured were denied treatment.

The Adjutants are much aware that Emene Community High School is a major sporting arena in the community and not a militia training camp as stated by AbdurRahman.
None of those killed or arrested were even in possession of any kind of Biafran insignia neither was there a provocation from the youths before the shooting.

It is conspiratory that unarmed Biafrans seeking the right to self-determination with a civil approach will be harassed, arrested and killed while combatants of the terrorist sect BokoHaram are granted amnesty and integrated into the occupying armed forces.

Article 1 of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples declares that “Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment, as a collective or as individuals, of all human rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international human rights law.”

Aren’t Indigenous Biafrans eligible to enjoy the fundamental human rights accorded to a human being? Are Biafrans exempted from the right to assembly freely with others and the right to free association? Has the right to self-determination of Indigenous People being scrapped from international law?

We do not care anymore about the responses to those questions but shall continue to prepare earnestly to face the terrorists in the occupying Nigeria armed forces. We guarantee that the injustice melted against the people of Biafra shall be avenged.

Those still seeking to restore the sovereignty of Biafra through a referendum must have now understood that the occupying Nigeria government are uncivilised and have no respect for human life especially those of Biafrans.

The cruelty against indigenous Biafrans have continued unabatedly and the world has endlessly been put on notice but nothing is done to halt the atrocities against us.

The National President of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore (Fulani Herdsmen), Abdullahi Bodejo, has publicly disclosed that the Fulani sect is currently training 1000 of its personnel who after training, would be deployed across Nigeria wherever the extremists are grazing.

Also the political and traditional leaders of ‘south-west Nigeria’ have created a regional security outfit named Amotekun for the protection of the lives and properties of the Oduduwa people.

Meanwhile the so-called elites, traditional and political leaders in Biafraland have become docile, lily-livered and supporters of the several massacre against their own people.

The Biafran National Guard is taking note of everyone of them and their utterances and assures all of them that their doubts about the independence of Biafra shall be cleared in no time.

The Provincial Adjutants in defunct Enugu sends their sincere condolences to the bereaved and urged Biafran youths to prepare to die as heroes rather than be killed like chickens by the Janjaweed Nigerian armed forces as they keep pleading for referendum because self-defence is the only key that will unlock our freedom.

Lieutenant Colonel Ugwuoke Agbo, [Nsukka Province].

Captain Nwodo Nnamani, [Enugu Province].

Major Augustine Chimaobi, [Oji -River Province].

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