The Biafran Transitional Government [BTG] is reminding the general public especially Biafran Youths at home and diaspora that the Biafran National Guard [BNG] is not in anyway recruiting personnel via any rogue website or fake forms. 

This is another warning to those young men and women that may fall victims to these dubious individuals and groups parading as agents of BNG but in reality are agents of distraction and confusion towards the restoration of our sovereignty.

For the record, the Biafran National Guard is not associated or will ever be part of any act of protests, looting, hooliganism or arson but will rather engage in a proper offensive action towards the occupying Nigeria armed forces at the appropriate time.

We want to state unequivocally that our focus is solely the restoration of the sovereign state of Biafra and we have no business with the affairs concerning the occupying Nigeria government and her youths and reiterates that the Biafran youths must not partake in such activities that lacks coordination and direction so as not to continue to be killed unjustly by the terrorist Nigeria armed forces.

The plans, organigram and defence mechanism laid down by BNG former leader, General Innocent Orji, is being followed judiciously and responsibly.

The Biafran Transitional Government urges the people of Biafra to be safe and watchful against the antics of the occupying government and saboteurs disguising as saviour but in reality desire to be part of the “New Nigeria Project” but shall be disgraced because the wrath of millions who died in the struggle is upon them.

Time shall separate the wheat from the chaff in the struggle for the restoration of our fatherland. We must remain focus, strong and discipline.

Long live the Republic of Biafra!

Long live the Biafran Transitional Government!!

Long live the Biafran National Guard!!!

Long live all genuine Biafran freedom fighters!!!!


Col. Nsikak Akpan,


Biafra National Guard.

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