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The African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights guaranteed in ARTICLE 5 that “Every individual shall have the right to the respect of the dignity inherent in a human being and to the recognition of his legal status. All forms of exploitation and degradation of man, particularly slavery, slave trade, torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and treatment shall be prohibited.”

The Provincial Adjutants of Igweocha, Ahoada and Degema Provinces in defunct Rivers State are saddened by several reports received over the extra-judicial violence and killing of young Biafrans in various areas of the defunct state particularly Obigbo (Oyibo) – the border town to defunct Abia state.

The reports stated that there is a massive manhunt for Biafran youths whom are associated with the self-determination seeking civil Biafran group – IPOB, whose leader is currently in exile after the military attack against him in his family residence at Afara-Ukwu in Umuahia. The manhunt which has gone on for over five days is being carried out by the occupying Nigerian terrorists armed forces resulting in the massacre of over 50 Biafran young men and women, several are injured, missing and arbitrarily detained.

The affiliates of IPOB have been accused by the defunct governor Nyesom Wike for instigating the chaotic situation that erupted across the defunct state during the #EndSARS protests. The defunct state governor has placed a bounty of N50million on the coordinators of the group, he also mandated the council and youth leaders to forcefully eradicate everyone associated with IPOB or be sacked from their posts.

In the year 2017, the occupying Nigeria government in connivance with its judiciary proscribed the self-determination seeking group-IPOB as a terrorists group enabling the defunct governor to hinge his barbaric instructions against affiliates of the group in defunct Rivers State.

Air Commodore Dokubo Tobi of Ahoada Province stated that he is in anguish over the unwarranted violence and killing of Biafran youths in Obigbo Town by the occupying Nigerian terrorists armed forces. He called for an immediate end to the massacre of innocent Biafrans and the destruction of properties across the defunct state.

The Ahoada Provincial Adjutant warned the defunct governor that he is indirectly perpetrating crimes against humanity that will lead him to the International Court of Justice if he does not restrain further cruel directives against Indigenous Biafrans.

Also speaking , the  Provincial Adjutant of Degema Province, Major Amadi Worlu enjoined Nyesom Wike to publicly released whatever evidences that brought to the conclusion and subsequent directives that those Biafrans being hunted in Obigbo Town were responsible for the carnage that trailed the protest in the defunct state.

Adjutant Amadi Worlu described the actions of the defunct state governor as misplaced and a prove of a power-drunk politician. He advised Nyesom Wike to channel his energy and resources to the development of the people and infrastructure rather than bow to pressure from the Northern Caliphate whom are in control of Aso Rock.

Furthermore, Navy Captain Amakiri Tamuno of Igweocha Province called out the defunct Rivers state governor for authorising the massacre of young Biafrans after enjoying their support to hold unto power for his two terms tenure. He chided Nyesom Wike for turning a blind eye away from the Fulani men who were on video record engaging in looting and destruction of properties along Oil Mill Market – Aba/Port Harcourt Road.

CAPT. Amakiri depicted Nyesom Wike professional law qualification as worthless and fallacy so far as no one has been brought to trial based on his accusations against IPOB rather he has engaged the occupying Nigeria armed forces mostly constituted of Fulani terrorists against his own people.

Amakiri Tamuno encouraged worthy and mentally sound Biafran attorneys to educate the dictatorial defunct governor Nyesom Wike on the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights specifically on  ARTICLE 7.1b & c that declared and warranted that:
“1. Every individual shall have the right to have his cause heard. This comprises:
(1b) ..The right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty by a competent court or tribunal;
(1c) The right to defence, including the right to be defended by counsel of his choice..”

Are the young men and women of Biafra origin being hunted and slaughtered in Obigbo Town not obliged to the Fundamental Right to a fair trial as stipulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) of the United Nations Charter, the Igweocha Adjutant questioned.

The trio of Provincial Adjutants assured Biafrans in defunct Rivers State that the Biafran Transitional Government [BTG] is assiduously working towards the restoration of Biafra sovereignty and her defence mechanism will be unveiled at the appropriate time. The BTG has hereby withdrawn the hand of friendship offered Nyesom Wike.

The Adjutants instructed each of their Provincial P.A on statistic and record to obtain absolute logs on the activities and effects of the abuse of power by the defunct state governor against Indigenous Biafrans in Obigbo Town regardless of whatsoever Biafran group. Stating that tyrannical actions of the defunct Rivers state governor which has led to lost of lives and properties of innocent Biafrans shall not be swept under the carpet.

They thereby impelled the people of Biafra especially the youths to ignore and shun any individual or group advising or coercing them to protest or revolt against the Oligarchic occupying Nigeria government and its trigger-happy terrorists armed forces for the purpose of the evil agenda of Alliance For New Nigeria. The Alliance For New Nigeria is a fraud and distraction towards our freedom.

Reiterating that only the initiation of the Right to Self-defence according to international law undertaken by the Biafran National Guard [BNG] is the only option to the achievement of Self-determination of Indigenous Biafrans.

Captain Paul Ogbuebune,
Media and Publicity, IGWEOCHA PROVINCE.

Captain Ololo Chikwado,
Media and Publicity, AHOADA PROVINCE.

Captain Sabastine Onwukwe,
Media and Publicity, DEGEMA PROVINCE.

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